System Requirements

If you are interested in System Requirements for older versions of MacPractice please reach out to either Support at or Sales at

Operating System

Connected computers can use the same or mixed Operating Systems. Regular macOS updates should be performed as released by Apple. Check hardware compatibility for Ventura and Monterey.

  • macOS Ventura (13)
  • macOS Monterey (12)

iPad Apps

Check device compatibility for iOS 15.

  • iOS 15 or higher


Minimum Recommended
Processor Core i5 Core i7
Memory 32 GB for Intel Machines
16 GB for M1 Silicon Machines
64 GB or greater
Storage 1 TB SSD 1 TB SSD or greater


Minimum Recommended
Processor Core i3 Core i3
Memory 16 GB for Intel Machines
8 GB for M1 Silicon Machines
16 GB or greater
Storage 256 GB (HD/SDD) 256 GB SSD or greater


  • MacPractice recommends daily backups to ensure you can recover from a hardware failure with minimal loss.
  • Backup size varies depending on usage, especially when storing high-quality images in the database.
  • You should consider not only your current database storage needs, but also your potential future data growth when purchasing all storage media, including internal and external storage media.
  • An external hard drive is recommended for hard drive storage, as well as multiple redundancies such as cloud storage.

Detailed Backup Guidance and Recommendations can be found on our HelpDesk.

Apple Silicon

Apple's new Silicon (M1) Processor chips are fully compatible with MacPractice Gen 15!

Graphics Card

Computers using Imaging or Digital Radiography

  • AMD
  • ATI
  • Intel Iris
  • Intel UHD Graphic 630


Gigabit Ethernet recommended. Multiple Wi-Fi devices may be required to provide adequate and reliable service in some offices.

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi

Third-Party Compatibility

Before performing any macOS updates, you should make sure any application you need is compatible. MacPractice cannot be responsible for applications created by third-parties. Click below for a list of known compatibilities.