Software FAQ

How much do software upgrades cost?

Upgrades for MacPractice software are included in the annual support fee.

Is there a Windows version of MacPractice?

No. We have been committed to the Macintosh Operating System since our first practice management software was developed in 1984. However various technologies make it possible for our clients to use other Windows applications on a Mac, affordably and quickly. We support a growing number of bridges to Windows applications from MacPractice for our clients, and we maintain a moderate level of expertise with cross platform enabling technologies.

Can I migrate my current data to MacPractice?

Yes. We can move your data from your current Windows or Mac software into MacPractice as we have for many others.

Is MacPractice software compatible with additional software/hardware interfaces?

Yes. MacPractice supports a wide variety of third party software/hardware interfaces.

What kind of support does MacPractice offer?

We provide support by phone, email, or LiveChat and will utilize remote screen sharing, for advanced troubleshooting.

What about training options?

MacPractice offers several training solutions, including:

  • Free Mini-Classes
  • On-site training
  • Corporate Training at MacPractice corporate in Lincoln, NE
  • Phone Training

How do I get other questions answered?

To get your questions answered via email or phone, please register on our contact page and note your question in the comments area. You may also call Kelly Krueger at (646) 305-9008 or Mark Hollis, CEO, at (212) 683-2224.