Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

Manage your medical world by voice

Medical professionals on the Mac platform have a fast and easy way to transcribe their appointment and medical record notes directly into the world’s most popular EHR systems and other applications immediately, with virtually no spelling errors.

Turning voice into text up to three times faster than most clinicians type with accuracy up to 99% out of the box, using Dragon Dictate® Medical for Mac means clinicians can spend more time with patients, improving patient satisfaction, practice volume and profitability.

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Increase your productivity with accuracy up to 99% out of the box.
Higher accuracy means less time editing using Dragon’s easy proofing tools and powerful correction interface. Plus Dragon adapts to your voice and words, used to deliver even better recognition results over time.
Dragon speaks your language with more than 90 medical specialties, ensuring proper clinical documentation.
Dragon combines the most advanced speech recognition technology, a brand new speech engine, and sophisticated medical acoustic models and language models to better understand medical terminology.

Improve your practice with higher levels of reimbursement and more complete, accurate documentation.
Increase coding effectiveness and provide richer detail per patient with reduced time spent on documentation, practice volume and profitability increases.
Dragon works just for you, anywhere with its personalized custom vocabulary and commands option.
Dictated text looks the way it should, every time.And with support for a wideband Bluetooth wireless microphone and digital voice recording with transcription, you can eliminate transcription services and not be tied to a desk.


EHR Support

More complete, accurate documentation improves coding effectiveness and provides richer detail per patient, giving clinicians greater confidence to code at higher levels than with an EHR system alone.

Acoustic Models

Ensures proper clinical documentation which allows physicians to dictate in their own words, generating "once and done" documentation.

Specialized Medical Vocabularies

More than 90 medical specialties, which means that you won’t encounter missing terms or phrases – they all there "out of the box."

Vocabulary Editor

Set alternative written forms of words or phrases (e.g. orthopedic vs. orthopaedic).

Secure Patient Information

Supports HIPAA confidentiality requirements.

Free-Text Dictation

Supports more detailed History of Present Illness, more flexible Review of Symptoms, and more descriptive Assessment and Plan.

Regional Accent Support

In addition to US and UK English, it supports many regional accents of non-native English speakers (such as Indian, Latino, or Southeast Asian), and other accents (such as Australian or American - Southern).

Faster, More Advanced Correction

Simply speak to correct individual words or phrases through a single, easy to understand window and select an alternate word choice, or spell and train new words.

Transcription of Recorded Speech

Busy clinicians on-the-go can easily transcribe recorded speech audio files into text. No need to outsource transcription!

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac (US)

Supported disciplines and specialties

The US English version of Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac supports the following disciplines and specialties:

  • General Medical
    • A broad, non-specific medical vocabulary covering a wide range of medical specialties. Select this model if no other choice is applicable to you.
  • Allergy and Immunology
  • Anesthesiology
    • Pain Medicine
  • Cardiology
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
    • Interventional Cardiology
  • Chiropractic
  • Dentistry
    • Dentistry
    • Pediatric Dentistry
    • Oral and Facial Surgery
  • Dermatology
    • Dermatopathology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Epidemiology
  • ENT
    • Otolaryngology
  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
    • EEG
    • EMG Examination
    • Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism
    • Gastroenterology
    • Geriatric Medicine
    • Hematology
    • Infectious Disease
    • Medical Microbiology
    • Medical Toxicology
    • Nephrology
    • Oncology
    • Osteopathy
    • Podiatry
    • Proctology
    • Pulmonary Disease
    • Rheumatology
  • Medical Education and Writing
  • Neurology
    • Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
    • Neuromuscular Medicine
    • Neuropathology
    • Neurotology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Nursing
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Fetal Medicine
    • Midwifery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedic
    • Hand Surgery
    • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Pathology
    • Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine
  • Pediatrics
    • Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics
    • Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine
    • Pediatric Cardiology
    • Pediatric Gastroenterology
    • Pediatric Otolaryngology
    • Pediatric Pathology
    • Pediatric Pulmonology
    • Pediatric Rheumatology
    • Pediatric Transplant Hepatology
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Mental Health
    • Addiction
    • Psychiatry
    • Behavioral Health Case Management
    • Psychiatry
    • Psychology
    • Social Worker
  • Radiology
    • Diagnostic Radiology
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • Radiation Oncology
    • Radiation Therapy
    • Vascular and Interventional Radiology
  • Sleep Lab
  • Speech and Language Pathology
  • Spinal Cord Injury Medicine
  • Surgery
    • Bariatric Surgery
    • Breast Surgery
    • Cardiac Surgery
    • Cardiothoracic Surgery
    • Colon and Rectal Surgery
    • Thoracic Surgery
    • Transplant Hepatology
    • Urology
    • Vascular Surgery
  • Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine