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MacPractice is dedicated to developing, implementing, and supporting the premier practice management and clinical software solutions for doctors who prefer to use Macs. For more than 25 years, the developer of MacPractice has listened to clients and responded by creating applications that leverage the powerful features of each new version of Apple’s operating system and developer environment. The expertise and experience of MacPractice’s design and development team, technical support department, and MacPractice Practice Consultant field representatives is unrivaled. MacPractice for OS X is a revolutionary, best-of-class practice management and clinical software for the Mac.

Are you ready for ICD-10? MacPractice is.

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Upcoming MacPractice Webinars

Sit in on a live webinar that that covers the history of MacPractice, utilizing Macs in your practice, features and abilities available in MacPractice, questions and answers, and other topics.

Is MacPractice Right For Me And My Practice?
Thu Dec 17th at 4:00 PM CST
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Patient Check In App

Allow your patients to "check in" on your iPad for their scheduled appointment.

MD DDS DC 20/20

Clipboard App

Streamline patient registration and reduce
the risk of data entry errors.

MD DDS DC 20/20

iEHR App

Edit patient data, view clinical history, or
create patient iEHR forms.

MD DDS DC 20/20

Interface for iPad

Add vital and view appointments and clinical data securely from your iPad.

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VNC for iPad

Use an iPad as a portable, wireless, touch-screen monitor and use MacPractice by making a remote desktop connection from an iPad to a Mac.

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Interface for iPhone

View your schedule, patient vitals, prescriptions, problems, allergies, referrals and more all from your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Patient Health Information Portal

Allow patients to view their information and create a point-of-contact for new patients securely online.

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MacPractice Client Testimonials

View a video of some of the many satisfied MacPractice users and how they benefit from using Macs and MacPractice at their practice.

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Data Migration

We are absolutely committed to making the transition to our software as smooth as possible. We specialize in providing smooth migration from most PC and Mac products. Most conversions are performed in house by conversion experts, making them cost-effective and fast.