Happy Clients

Paul Potter, PT - LifeTouch Physical Therapy Center P.C.

High Tech, High Touch at LifeTouch Physical Therapy

For the last 25 years Paul Potter, PT and owner of LifeTouch Physical Therapy, has pioneered a successful Macintosh-based private practice in physical therapy. "It's hard to imagine that in 1986 when I purchased my first Macintosh and partnered with a small emerging software company led by Patrick Clyne, that we'd both be going strong today," Potter said. Paul and Patrick's success is a testimony to their ability to be innovative yet grounded in sound business practices.

Streamlined Business Practices

From the beginning MacPractice, co-owned by Clyne, has equipped LifeTouch with software to efficiently and cost effectively manage a private clinic with the latest technology. The partnership between MacPractice and LifeTouch enables the clinic to provide a pleasurable patient experience and maximize the therapist's time spent on direct patient care. The integration of patient accounts, billing, and EMR puts into the staff's hands everything needed to efficiently process the paperwork at the point of service. "The effortless use of technology just makes my job more enjoyable," Potter said. "The ability to fax progress notes to referral sources right out of the EMR module and archived scanned documents has saved us so much time and overhead."

Therapy On the Move

As the administrative needs of LifeTouch changed over the years, MacPractice responded with practical and creative solutions such as electronic claim submission, remote access, and now the integration of mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Mobility is a very big part of a physical therapist job. They are always circulating around the clinic while exercising or performing a functional mobility test with a patient, and Potter believes the iPad will become the new workstation for healthcare workers.

Mobile Technology

The iPad's large, easy-to-read screen and fast internet access puts into the hands of a therapist a valuable tool for patient records, assessment and patient education. Potter believes that documenting the patient's functional outcomes will eventually become an authorization requirement for treatment and reimbursement from insurance companies. "We needed a paperless, intuitive interface on a mobile device that would allow therapists to assess a patient's functional status and produce easy-to-read graphs to document an individual's progress," Potter said.

The Bottom Line

Taking care of patients is the bottom line for the LifeTouch staff, and the stellar service provided by MacPractice helps them provide top-notch care to their patients on a daily basis. "Their support personnel are the world class and I've always found their products to be years ahead of the competition," Potter said. "MacPractice has never been just a software company, but a valuable business partner in helping us serve our patients and staff. It's been a great ride."