Happy Clients

Dr. Patrick Lillis, DDS

I operate a successful dental practice in Overland Park, KS for cosmetic, implant, and reconstructive dentistry. I have been using apple based products personally since the late 90’s and MacPractice DDS since 2009. I consider myself to be incredibly discerning when it comes to technology and have been more than pleased with all that MacPractice offers. I utilize the system for all of the day-to-day functions of our office: scheduling, patient information, digital radiography, etc.

I most appreciate that the program interfaces with my iPhone, allowing me to always be tuned-in to my practice when I'm away lecturing around the country. In addition to these great features, I've found that staff members who have little or no Mac experience are able to quickly learn the system. It is a must-have for all dentists who wish to operate a top-notch, profitable practice.