Happy Clients

Dr. Neil Meekin - Registered Specialist In Periodontics

Twenty years ago my practice was completely reliant on paper notes and multicoloured postal reminders, which adorned the office and surgery suites. Along with these antiquated manual systems came headaches such tracing patient notes from filing, to the staff, and to surgery. Photographs and radiographs had to be mounted and filed in notes that were never where they should be. When they were, they were misfiled causing important correspondence to be unnecessarily delayed. Unfortunately, all of this also impacted on our clinical time.

I was looking for a software system that would meet our needs, but I was reluctant having had my fingers burnt by previous practice management systems. I, like everyone else, wanted a system that was reliable, stable, simple to use, cost effective, and would reduce my workload. I found MacPractice, and it was the solution I needed.

The first thing that impressed me about MacPractice was the professionalism of the sales team. I was particularly keen to ensure the post sales support was good, and the MacPractice team did not disappoint. They understood what I was looking for and had a solution for all of my prerequisites. The cost was also reasonable when compared to similar PC based products. A Mac-based software also provided reassurance of reduced security breaches and reduced risk of loss of data.

Within a few months of switching to MacPractice, not only were we more organised, we felt a better sense of organization within the office. It was transforming. The post-sale support was excellent, as they patiently helped me pick my way through the various abilities that I had purchased (they continue to do so I hasten to add). I was pleasantly surprised to come across other very useful tools, such as AutoRemind, that I inherited by default. AutoRemind provides automated appointment reminders via email, voice or text messaging to my patients. I had not seriously considered this ability previously, but since incorporating it into my practice, I cannot imagine being without it.

In addition, patient clinical notes are now instantly accessible, beautifully presented and organised with all the relevant clinical charts, clinical notes, correspondence letters, radiographs and photographs located in one place. Digitised radiographs and photographs are easily filed and can be shared with colleagues who refer to us, or those from whom we seek an opinion.

The format and layout of the MacPractice software is extremely professional and sleek, which reflects the philosophy that we are trying to promote for the practice as a whole. Not to mention the fact that we have a beautiful iMac with a fantastic display in each surgery suite.

MacPractice has galvanised our whole team. They have completely adopted the software, which, like so many things Mac, is simple and intuitive to use. So many man hours have been saved and I actually look forward to the up and coming features that are constantly being developed and released by MacPractice, which in my view keeps them at the cutting edge of producing an elegant and effective practice management system.