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Dr. Mark Santana, DDS - Mac Addict and Steve Jobs Clone

I am general dentist with a focus on complex oral rehabilitation using implants and innovative prosthetics. Essentially, I run a general practice and a specialty practice along side each other. As such, the need for exceptional dental software that allows for detailed, integrated patient management is critical.

DentalMac served this purpose from 1989 to October of 2009. The wait for a new Mac solution was worth all the nay saying by sales people, consultants and colleagues. Accused of burying my head in the sand for my stubborn insistence on an Apple/OS X solution, I went along undeterred as I understood why I was waiting.

Since implementing MacPractice in October of 2009, words cannot describe the success of this business decision. The lifetime value of this upgrade to MacPractice is an absolute home run.