Patient Portal

Power to the patient

MacPractice’s patient portal is a revolutionary step in patient engagement. Our patient portal gives patients access their information and control of their medical history. They can easily access lab results, visit summaries, appointment requests and have secure communications with your office that are HIPAA compliant.


  • Ensures patients have access to visit summaries, download Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture health records (CCDA), and upcoming appointment lists
  • Patients can create appointment requests, submit health record corrections, or update their own demographics
  • Doctor to Patient Secure Messaging provides a convenient, secure, HIPAA compliant environment to exchange messages directly within MacPractice to your patients on the web

Optional Companion Services

  • Online Registration and EHR Forms
  • Online Patient Scheduling
  • Certified Patient Portal

Optional Certified Patient Portal facilitates Meaningful Use requirements

  • View Download Transmit
  • Secure Electronic Messaging

Let your patients make appointments, anywhere, anytime

This feature allows your patients to make appointments directly through the Patient Portal, creating fewer phone calls and missed appointments. With online scheduling, patients can access your appointment schedule in a matter of seconds, anytime and anywhere, making it easy to fill open appointments. Turn clicks into confirmed appointments even when your practice is closed!

Let patients complete forms on the web before their appointment

Patients can complete virtually any type of form (including registration, social, and health history forms) on the web through the Patient Portal. An email invitation with a link to complete a form is sent to a patient. Completed forms are incorporated into the patient's record in MacPractice. Patients receive forms online, not in a line!