eClaims with ERA

Claims management with insurance estimating and online eligibility verification

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Eliminate Paperwork While Increasing Productivity

Eliminate Paperwork - In the eClaims Ability, claims are sent electronically to Optum with a click of your mouse then Optum delivers claims to each payer. eClaims submission eliminates paperwork (printing, copying, sorting and mailing), dramatically reducing costs and freeing staff time to handle other important tasks such as collecting overdue accounts and claims.


MacPractice is here to help you through the transition with coding and billing features designed to help you prepare for ICD-10’s new codes and increased specificity.

More Codes

The amount of codes in ICD-10 increases from 14,000 diagnosis codes to over 69,000, and 4,000 procedure codes to 72,000. For the latest news on specific ICD-10 codes, consult the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Unique Specialties

While some ICD-10 codes are built upon existing ICD-9 codes, some similar diagnoses may now have vastly different codes. Unique specialties notice more significant changes to codes used daily. These comprehensive ICD-10 coding guides from CMS offer a specific quick reference for commonly used codes in your specialty.

Billing with ease

eClaims are sent via the Internet with a click of your mouse, and delivered to to each payer. This eliminates paperwork, dramatically reduces costs and frees up staff time to handle other important tasks. eClaim results may be managed from any client with MacPractice.

Claim Validation x2

MacPractice software verifies the validity of your claim prior to submission. Optum performs additional verification, including payer-specific checks, before sending to the payer. Claims with missing or invalid information are marked in MacPractice as rejected by Optum within a day or two instead of two to three weeks for paper claims. Reimbursement wait time is typically reduced to less than 14 days.


Collection Agency Redefined

TSI redefines the collection agency industry by providing businesses and healthcare organizations with better tools for accounts receivable, debt recovery and past due accounts. With a success rate 4 times the industry average, TSI has collected $6 billion over the past decade for more than 60,000 clients - from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. TSI integrates seamlessly into MacPractice's software making it even easier to manage everything from one place.

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Medical Billing Services

Your clinical skills combined with our medical billing expertise will keep your practice financially sound while you focus on patient care. You’ll collect faster, even amid declining revenues and increasing billing complexity.

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