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Eliminate Redundancy

MacPractice supports electronic prescribing and controlled substance prescribing with NewCrop. The NewCrop ePrescribe interface is tightly integrated within MacPractice, which allows you to safely and securely write prescriptions and transmit them to pharmacies directly from MacPractice. Not only does this eliminate redundant data entry to create a prescription, it also reduces future work by mobilizing a prescription history in the patient's clinical record for use in several other MacPractice Abilities and products.

Beyond basic electronic prescription transmission, Comprehensive ePrescribe also offers an all-doctor drug history with managed care connectivity, drug information and interaction reviews, managed care formularies, automated drug/allergy checks, patient education literature in 18 languages, and drug history reporting. Additional features include renewal requests, formulary checking, common drug and pharmacy lists.

Schedule II-V controlled substances

EPCS enhanced ePrescribe allows providers to transmit scheduled drugs through NewCrop. Pharmacies that accept controlled substance electronic prescriptions are highlighted in the commonly used pharmacy list. Controlled substances are securely identity verified and each transmission is assigned a pin through Verizon Universal Identity Services, an identity proofing method that ensures each prescription sent meets federal regulations.

Mobile electronic prescribing

Not only does MacPractice iEHR for iPad make electronic prescribing mobile, it also conveniently allows providers to prescribe during the patient encounter directly within the same clinical documentation form. Providers can view all a history of all patient prescriptions sent from any device with a MacPractice product (iPad or desktop) while prescribing, with the same secure NewCrop interface integration and ePrescribe features found in MacPractice for desktop.

MacPractice Billing Services

Your clinical skills combined with our medical billing expertise will keep your practice financially sound while you focus on patient care. You’ll collect faster, even amid declining revenues and increasing billing complexity.

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This webinar will help you decide whether or not MacPractice is right for your practice. We will discuss the state...

This webinar will help you decide whether or not MacPractice is right for your practice. We will discuss the state of Apple products in healthcare, along with what our current clients love most about MacPractice. The live Q&A session at the end is a great way to learn answers to questions you didn’t even know you had!  This webinar is for prospective clients of MacPractice. Current MacPractice clients can find training in the Help section of the software.

Meaningful Use

MacPractice 5.0 and MacPractice 5.1 Achieves ONC HIT 2014 Edition Complete EHR Certification from ICSA Labs.

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