Flexible scheduling and customizable appointment display

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"Live-In" Schedule

Create accounts and post charges directly from the schedule. Run reports to determine your average time spent per patient, your average appointment length, or the average production per appointment. New accounts, charges, payments, claims, and appointment reminders can be created directly from the Schedule.

Customizable appointment display

Customizable appointment display - The Schedule Ability supports drag and drop, customizable multi-color appointment blocks and Transparencies (block time). Create custom appointment display displays, change font and color size.

GoToConnect - Your phone system in the Cloud

GoToConnect and MacPractice have worked together to deliver a seamless native experience right inside the software you rely on every day. Call patients with the click of a button and deliver a personal touch with intelligent caller ID. Never ask your patients to spell their last name or hold while you locate their record. Coming soon--you'll even be able to store call recordings in your patient files.

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No More No-Shows. Hello Revenue.

No-shows cost your practice a lot of money. Help patients keep their appointments by sending customizable text, email and voice reminders. By automating this task, your staff is able to focus on other important clerical tasks, answering phones in a timely manner and providing exceptional service to your patients. This is a great way to improve the patient experience and create a high tech office. MacPractice makes technology work for you.

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