Accounting Ability

Monitor your practice’s financial health with MacPractice’s new Accounting Ability, which complements MacPractice Reports. Provide your accountants with a QuickBooks formatted file export to use with their software.

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General Ledger

The General Ledger holds all financial transactions within a given period of time grouped by financial account. Examples of this are Cash, Unapplied, Patient A/R, Insurance A/R. This ledger will provide a detailed description of every general ledger account with the transactions that make up the balances in that account. The purpose of this ledger is to show a complete record of financial transactions over the life of the practice, not separated by patient account.


The Journal will show all financial transactions within a given period in the order of when they happen. The purpose of the Journal is to show a record of these transactions listed as they occur that shows the specific accounts affected by the transaction. Each row will show one transaction with two financial accounts that it affects, one account will be credit and another will be debit.

Provider Ledger

Provider Ledgers will show you individual transactions per provider. Selecting a transaction will show associated transactions similar to patient ledgers. We have a Date Range Selector for Provider Ledgers as well. The Office Selector will filter your results by office with All being selected by default. You will also see asterisks in some of the columns in this ledger.

Insurance Ledger

Insurance Ledgers look similar to patient ledgers but transactions are viewed from an insurance perspective. The sidebar shows each insurance company and expands to show each plan or provides a No Plan option so you can see transactions based on an insurance company or it’s individual plans. Outstanding Claim Balance shows all charges on outstanding claims to this insurance or plan.

Medical Billing Services

Your clinical skills combined with our medical billing expertise will keep your practice financially sound while you focus on patient care. You’ll collect faster, even amid declining revenues and increasing billing complexity.

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