MacPractice DDS Gen 9 is simply designed for your Periodontic practice.

MacPractice software continues to be the most simple, elegant, and powerful practice management and clinical software on the planet for dental providers. MacPractice is a complete solution to run your dental practice with integrated administrative, billing, and clinical features in one application.

MacPractice DDS Gen 9 gives periodontists access to high quality software at a reasonable cost, with a full spectrum of integrated software and hardware solutions designed to increase practice profits while allowing you and your staff to be more productive and focused on patient care.

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Scheduling as Productive as You Are

The Schedule Ability in MacPractice features drag-and-drop, customizable multi-color appointment types, blocks and Transparencies. Create accounts and post charges directly from the schedule. Automate customizable text, email and voice reminders to your patients.

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A faster, more efficient, integrated Digital Radiography solution

DR 2's streamlined editing tools have been simplified and refined for a new standard in elegant, simplified image editing. Your favorite presets, tools, and features are now available within one streamlined window.

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Electronic Dental Records with Template Design Superpowers

MacPractice EDR has wonderfully flexible layout options and is ideal for workflow management. You control the narrative format, design feature-rich templates and choose your documentation style.

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Beyond best-of-class charting

Restorative Charting includes impressive enhancements to dental charting and imaging, with more power and simplicity. Charting with MacPractice is an interactive graphic experience with shortcuts, a customizable charting code map, and international options for tooth numbering and surface restoration types.

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Simply the best periodontal module

An accurate and elegant perio notation experience is the heart of great periodontal care. Perio is customizable, intuitive, and flexible so you can focus on your patient, not your chart.

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Introducing MacPractice’s new Accounting Abilities

This new feature includes a General Ledger, Journal and Ledger so you and your staff and more closely monitor your practice’s financial health with MacPractice’s new Accounting Ability, which complements MacPractice Reports. Provide your accountants with a QuickBooks formatted file export to use with their software.

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