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Practice Spotlight: Dr. Simon Lin

"My vision was to have a 100% digital and paperless office. I was looking for something that could make it happen. I also only wanted to use Macs... MacPractice saved me a lot of time and really fulfilled my vision."

Dr. Simon Lin

Dr. Lin is a Pediatric Dentist and owner of North Seattle Pediatric Dentistry. He built his practice from scratch, working closely with his interior designer to fine-tune each detail. He even designed the logo. Since the practice opened in January 2014, it has been a 100% digital and paperless office. The office doesn’t even have a scanner or fax machine. If they need to add information like an ID card to a patient’s file, they simple scan the card with an iPad and import it directly into MacPractice Attachments. The same with any faxes.

A better patient experience with MacPractice

Dr. Lin’s previous office had 3 front desk staff members to handle all the incoming paper registration forms. One staff member just shredded documents. With MacPractice, he can securely mobilize patient information to create a paperless patient workflow with MacPractice apps for iPad.

Once the patient checks in with a few taps on Check In for iPad, the Schedule updates to signal that the patient is waiting. A few more taps on Clipboard for iPad allow a patient to fill out consent and intake forms, including demographic, clinical, and release forms. This information syncs back to your MacPractice database, so there is no need to re-enter it. With MacPractice iEHR for iPad, you can even pull this patient information into the encounter forms for truly streamlined clinical documentation.

MacPractice works the way you do

"We use laptops, iPads, everything is wireless. We don’t even have a scanner here. No more scanning, no more printing... it just makes life so much easier."

Dr. Simon Lin

Pediatric dental practices love MacPractice because it makes it easy to focus on what truly matters - their patients. MacPractice combines powerful and robust administrative, billing, and clinical features in one application for the ultimate experience in practice productivity. By streamlining workflows efficiently, MacPractice practices are able to see more patients, reduce errors and redundancy, and improve billing and coding accuracy.

Special features for special patients

"We do general anesthesia in our office and we use a portable x-ray machine. I don’t need to have big computers. With my laptop, I can take an X-ray anywhere. My office is completely portable. We treat a lot of special needs patients; sometimes you need to take an x-ray in the waiting room or in the quiet room. I can do that with MacPractice."

Dr. Joseph Nelson, Pure Dental

MacPractice Charting allows you to chart past, current, and planned treatments with customizable shortcuts, integrated x-ray display, and embedded clinical notes. Special features for pediatric patients, like primary teeth display and simple “missing tooth” toggling, make MacPractice Charting and Perio charting the perfect solution for little teeth!.

About MacPractice DDS

MacPractice is simply designed for your Pediatric Dentistry practice.

MacPractice software is the most simple, elegant, and powerful practice management and clinical software on the planet for dental providers. MacPractice is a complete solution to run your dental practice with integrated administrative, billing, and clinical features in one application.

MacPractice DDS gives dentists access to high quality software at a reasonable cost, with a full spectrum of integrated software and hardware solutions designed to increase practice profits while allowing you and your staff to be more productive and focused on patient care. MacPractice is a client-centric company that backs this up with world-class support, extensive training, and a dedicated conversion team.

Practice Spotlight

North Seattle Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry
Seattle, WA

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MacPractice DDS Features

The MacPractice Schedule meets your agenda with a flexible appointment display for scheduling that is as productive as you are.
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Digital Radiography
MacPractice Digital Radiography supports integrated devices and enables direct import functionality for compatibility with a variety of devices.
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Electronic Dental Records
Our integrated solutions make electronic forms easy by using existing patient data and a powerful set of customization tools.
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Past, current, and planned treatment charting with MacPractice is an interactive experience with customizable shortcuts, integrated x-ray display, and embedded clinical notes.
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Periodontal Charting
Perio with a probing depth display supports incremental perio charting, customizable input order, and measurements.
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MacPractice's integrated billing reduces errors and automates insurance claim and patient statement billing with efficient eClaim management and eStatements.
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MacPractice Apps for iPad: Mobilize patient information to create a paperless workflow for you and your patients.
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