Simplicity in Periodontal Charting

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Completely Redesigned

After extensive research and a periodontists user summit, the completely redesigned Perio 2 Ability is ready to become your favorite periodontal module ever. With just the right amount of customization and seriously robust clinical features, Perio 2 is the ultimate Perio charting experience for accuracy and efficiency wrapped in modern, sophisticated design.

Additional Features

Periodontal visit comparison

Perio 2 supports patient case acceptance and treatment compliance with a periodontal display that is just as comprehensive as it is stunning. Compare the difference in perio visits with a beautiful graphic overview or informative report. Customize the comparison to display just the right notation types, visits, and range of charts. Your patients will thank you.

Comprehensive notation

An accurate and elegant perio notation experience is the heart of great periodontal care. The Perio 2 notation points are customizable, intuitive, and flexible so you can focus on your patient, not your chart.

Navigation Options

Busy hands need a flexible perio charting system that navigates with reliability and versatility. While Perio 2 is happy to follow along as you drive, our onscreen navigation and entry panels also allows you to quickly navigate and notate with the click of a button. This feature is especially useful when using a hands free foot pedal such as the Dental R.A.T.

Dental R.A.T.

Hands Free Perio Charting

Dental R.A.T. 2.0 raises the bar for dental offices that are looking for a hands free solution to do perio charting. If you haven’t heard or seen the Dental R.A.T. you are in for a treat. The Dental R.A.T. is a simple and powerful tool for streamlining your computerized periodontal charting. It works with your current dental software.

Perio Charting does not need to be a daily hassle!

Boomer the Foot Mouse

Boomer is the world's first fully functional wireless foot mouse - no hands required! This wireless foot-operated computer mouse has mouse cursor and left/right click capabilities that gives you the full functionality of a traditional computer mouse- no hands required!