MacPractice EDR brings the functionality of the iEHR app for iPad to the desktop

The EDR ability is used to create and manage electronic dental records, such as patient intake forms, continuity of care documents, and general clinical history forms. The Template Library provides a collection of predesigned forms in many specialties for use with your own MacPractice database.

If you are using MacPractice iEHR for iPad, NO template development is necessary because EHR uses the same templates as iEHR! You can just familiarize yourself with EHR and get started. Interact with the clinical data provided by your patient and medical assistant using MacPractice Clipboard, including Health History and physical exam. Make your visit notes with graphic annotations if you wish.

iEHR for iPad

The iEHR App for iPad and iPad mini is a mobile electronic medical records solution that places the capability of clinical data acquisition and organization in the palm of your hand, and interoperates with MacPractice desktop practice management and clinical software including EHR and EMR.

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MacPractice EHR is a single-vendor INTEGRATED solution

MacPractice EHR is easy for you to use, and extremely easy for your staff to learn because the MacPractice EHR interface is consistent with MacPractice which they use to manage the business of your practice. It's all one program!

MacPractice EHR provides you with a desktop version of MacPractice iEHR’s interface for iPad. There will be almost no learning curve between EHR and iEHR.

Where do I start? Where would you like to start? Your patient started your exam by entering information into Clipboard on an iPad. Your assistant has reviewed the information and present problem with your patient. Now it is your turn...and your choice. EHR/iEHR is versatile.