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Practice Spotlight: Dr. Darryl Roundy

"Altogether, MacPractice lets me take care of patients the way I want to take care of them and have more family time and do what I want to do."

Dr. Darryl Roundy

Dr. Roundy has spent 20 years serving the Tacoma area as a Doctor of Chiropractic and owner of Atlas Family Chiropractic. To build his reputation and fulfill his practice’s purpose to “empower others to thrive”, he’s done everything to attract the best equipment and the best technology. Using the best tools has allowed his practice to create the best possible experience for every patient that comes through the door.

MacPractice is all about patient care.

"At the end of the day, it is all about patient care. MacPractice has pulled everything together so that I can deliver the care, not worry about the IT time, and I can spend more time with my family. Period."

Dr. Darryl Roundy

MacPractice works the way you do.

"Five years ago, everything was disjointed. We had paper files in one area. We had x-rays and folders in another area. We had MRIs on various computers, CT Scans on various computers. We brought in MacPractice which combined all of these areas of imaging and documentation into one specific spot for that patient so that we never lost them again."

Dr. Darryl Roundy

Chiropractic practices love MacPractice because it makes it easy to focus on what truly matters - their patients. MacPractice combines powerful and robust administrative, billing, and clinical features in one application for the ultimate experience in practice productivity. By streamlining workflows efficiently, MacPractice practices are able to see more patients, reduce errors and redundancy, and improve billing and coding accuracy.

About MacPractice DC

MacPractice is simply designed for your chiropractic practice.

MacPractice software is the most simple, elegant, and powerful practice management and clinical software on the planet for chiropractic providers. MacPractice is a complete solution to run your practice with integrated administrative, billing, and clinical features in one application.

MacPractice DC gives providers access to high quality software at a reasonable cost, with a full spectrum of integrated software and hardware solutions designed to increase practice profits while allowing you and your staff to be more productive and focused on patient care. MacPractice is a client-centric company that backs this up with world- class support, extensive training, and a dedicated conversion team.

Practice Spotlight

Atlas Family Chiropractic

Univerity Place, WA

Owned by Dr. Darryl Roundy

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MacPractice DC Features

Scheduling: The MacPractice Schedule meets your agenda with a flexible appointment display for scheduling that is as productive as you are.
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Electronic Records Options: Our integrated solutions make electronic forms easy by using existing patient data and a powerful set of customization tools.
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MacPractice Apps for iPad: Mobilize patient information to create a paperless workflow for you and your patients.
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Inventory: MacPractice Inventory is a feature that means business. Inventory records stock and tracks supplies, retail merchandise, and consumption with reports, an audit system, stock quantity notifications, and barcode scanning.
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Billing: MacPractice's integrated billing reduces errors and automates insurance claim and patient statement billing with efficient eClaim management and eStatements.
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MacPractice Patient Portal

The MacPractice Patient Portal is a secure and user friendly tool that allows patients to manage their patient records and communicate with your practice on the web. Fully HIPAA compliant Patient Portal enhances patient experience and maximizes your connection with patients.

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