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Patient Information

The Patients Ability in MacPractice is an information hub that displays all of the demographic, insurance, clinical and ledger data in a user friendly format. You can also create Treatment Plans and break them into phases quickly and easily. All of the information and function you need right at your fingertips.

Clinical Data

MacPractice's Patients ability is an information hub you can use to access the patients' demographic, insurance, clinical and ledger data. In the Ledger, you can create Treatment Plans and break them into Phases. Each Phase can be scheduled quickly and easily. Export a Continuity of Care Record or Continuity of Care Document to give to the patient, or another provider involved in the patient's care. The optional Patient Health Information Portal gives patients access to the documents online.

Custom Alerts

Create custom Clinical Alerts, based on diagnosis codes, procedures, medications, age and other factors.

MacPractice Patient Portal

The MacPractice Patient Portal is a secure and user friendly tool that allows patients to manage their patient records and communicate with your practice on the web. Fully HIPAA compliant Patient Portal enhances patient experience and maximizes your connection with patients.

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GoToConnect - Your phone system in the Cloud

GoToConnect and MacPractice have worked together to deliver a seamless native experience right inside the software you rely on every day. Call patients with the click of a button and deliver a personal touch with intelligent caller ID. Never ask your patients to spell their last name or hold while you locate their record. Coming soon--you'll even be able to store call recordings in your patient files.

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Patient Payments. Simplified.

Patients want convenient ways to pay. Practices want efficiency, simplicity and effective ways to manage those payments. With MacPractice and TSYS, you already have the payment platform integrated in your current MacPractice software

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