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Charting in the Cloud: Access to Everything from Anywhere

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Cloud-based EHR Solution

OneTouch EMR is a cloud-based electronic health records solution for use on all devices. It is intelligent, fast and simple yet robust. OneTouch EMR is the most easily customizable mobile EHR solutions on the market. Customize your encounter notes, your templates, easily add to any of the Favorites lists on the fly and choose to type, touch or dictate. OneTouch EMR can even be customized for each individual doctor in a multi- provider practice. OneTouch EMR is a perfect fit for small, medium, multi- location, multi-specialty, telemedicine and house-call practices. And it is ideal for primary care and most medical and surgical specialties.

A doctor designed the sleek, uncluttered layout giving you access to everything without leaving the encounter - eLabs, eRx, images, results, documents and much more. Trend anything you wish with the graphing feature. Patients using the online portal can update History, Meds, Allergies, HPI and ROS before the visit. This, combined with the ability to import selected data from previous visits and the use of exam-specific templates can dramatically increase the speed of your visits. See more patients. More patients...more revenue. OneTouch EMR creates a paperless environment which is perfect for doctors on the go. It’s an office in an iPad.

  • Simple, Sleek, Intelligent, Robust
  • Cloud-based, mobile platform
  • Integrated patient portal included
  • For all devices - desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone
  • Easy to learn & simple to use
  • eFaxing, eRx, eLabs included
  • Take photos, upload images, annotate
  • Touch, type, dictate
  • Screens of desktop & app are identical

OneTouch EMR Difference

OneTouch EMR Difference - MacPractice has revolutionized the EHR experience. OneTouch EMR thinks like a doctor, has the mobility of the cloud, the workflow you’ve been dreaming of and can be completely tailored to you in a few hours. Highly intelligent. Enhanced workflow. Killer features. We thought of everything.

Orders, Lab Results, eRx, Imaging

  • ePrescribe & view eRx history
  • Refill Summary dashboard
  • View/reconcile med list & review pending meds
  • Generate electronic lab orders, receive notifications, view results
  • Lab Results Summary dashboard
  • Create lab results tables for trending
  • Assign tasks with due dates to providers, assistants, staff
  • Interfaces with imaging vendors


  • Large library of general, surgical and specialty-specific templates
  • Use library templates as-is or modify them for your practice
  • Custom template builder is simple to learn & fast to use - design templates in an hour or two!
  • Create your own custom exam-specific templates
  • Default templates or template elements to positive or negative to increase speed and minimize clicking
  • Collaborate with the MacPractice Template Design Team to build customized templates for you
Description Pricing Comments
One-time Setup Fee $400.00 One-time
OneTouch EMR Practitioner Subscription * $250.00 Monthly
OneTouch EMR Mid-Level Subscription * $187.50 Monthly
MacPractice support of OneTouch EMR (per provider) $600 Annual
MacPractice support of OneTouch EMR (per Mid-Level) $300 Annual
Appointment Reminders by Phone - Up to 500 calls (per office) $25.00 Monthly
Onsite (in your office) Data Backup $50.00 Monthly + $999 Setup Fee that includes a PC
e-Fax - Up to 500 pages (per provider) $25.00 Monthly
Dragon Medical Speech-to-Text - cloud (per provider) $75.00 Monthly
One Time setup fee Waived with 12 months prepaid subscription

MacPractice Billing Services

Your clinical skills combined with our medical billing expertise will keep your practice financially sound while you focus on patient care. You’ll collect faster, even amid declining revenues and increasing billing complexity.

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Is MacPractice Right for Me and My Practice?

This webinar will help you decide whether or not MacPractice is right for your practice. We will discuss the state...

This webinar will help you decide whether or not MacPractice is right for your practice. We will discuss the state of Apple products in healthcare, along with what our current clients love most about MacPractice. The live Q&A session at the end is a great way to learn answers to questions you didn’t even know you had!  This webinar is for prospective clients of MacPractice. Current MacPractice clients can find training in the Help section of the software.

Meaningful Use

MacPractice 5.0 and MacPractice 5.1 Achieves ONC HIT 2014 Edition Complete EHR Certification from ICSA Labs.

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