Janus Health AR gives patients the ability to pre-visualize their new smiles before their procedure. Augmented reality for cosmetic dentistry.

Where Your Smile Begins

Janus Health AR lets dentists show patients what restored teeth will look like during an initial consultation. Through the power of augmented reality, Janus Health AR's software facially tracks, conforms, and scales multiple sets of improved teeth - directly onto the face of the patient - for instant realtime "post procedure" results.

Patients can "try on" different styles of teeth making it easy to decide the look that suites them best, ensuring customer satisfaction from day one. Janus Health AR's state-of-the-art software lets patients try on a variety of styles. Where the shade, lip line and color of the teeth can be easily adjusted.

Providing quick, photorealistic examples of what a new smile might look like. Giving dentists, and patients, new levels of connection, trust and confidence.