Replace your clipboard with MacPractice Clipboard App for iPad and iPad mini to streamlines patient registration and leverage the efficiency and ease of use of Apple's iPad to eliminate redundant data entry, save time and reduce the risk of data entry errors.

The MacPractice Clipboard App pre-fills your patients' forms for verification and completion by them on the iPad or iPad mini. Patients register, provide intake information and their medical and social history, sign release forms, and take their own photo, all using Clipboard. Once patients review a summary of what they have entered and are satisfied, they tap a button on the screen to automatically send all their information into MacPractice.

Patients love that Clipboard eliminates the necessity of providing the same information multiple times to the office. Staff love that Clipboard eliminates redundancy for them as well and enhances their productivity by making it possible for patient-entered data to be sent directly from the iPad into the patient's record in MacPractice.

MacPractice supplies standard template forms and a growing library of alternative and specialty specific template forms with Clipboard. You can also arrange with MacPractice to customize health history, social history, releases and other intake template forms specifically for your practice.

When new patients enter data and sign registration and HIPAA consent and release forms in the MacPractice Clipboard App, the demographic information is automatically incorporated into the patient's account in MacPractice on the desktop system. Clinical data like health histories, medications, allergies and social and family histories, as well as the reason for the current visit, are also stored within MacPractice.

Office staff may review and confirm insurance information, and established patients can update their own information to ensure that the practice has their most current data.

  • Set default templates by appointment type
  • View past, present and future appointments
  • Multiple clinical template forms may be selected for patients to fill out
  • Select template forms for your use from a growing library of shared forms
  • Use template forms customized by MacPractice* to meet your specific needs
  • 'Back' and 'next' button make navigation easier
  • Reminder for patients to present their insurance cards when returning iPad
  • New design of Patient Review page
  • Forms that have been filled by the patient today are shown underneath the appointment
  • Indicate temporarily busy records and by whom
  • Incomplete template forms may be resumed