Clipboard App for iPad

Streamline patient registration, save time and reduce data entry errors

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Let patients enter their own data

Clipboard App pre-fills registration forms on the iPad. Patients do it all - register, enter intake information, update medical and social history, sign HIPAA and release forms, and take their own photo. After reviewing a summary of what was entered, patients tap Submit and Clipboard auto-populates the data into the appropriate fields in MacPractice. The registration process...simplified.

Save time and provide better service

When patients enter and update their own information in Clipboard, it streamlines your front office workflow. Staff is now free to address other important clerical tasks, answer phones and provide excellent service to your patients. It saves time for providers by having patients complete clinical data like health histories, medications, allergies, social and family histories, and the reason for the current visit.

Go paperless

The paperless office is not only a possibility, it’s a reality. Our Clipboard App allows you to eliminate of all of your paper forms and go paperless. MacPractice helps you leave paper behind and run your practice more efficiently.