Check In App for iPad

Streamline your patient check in process

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Streamline the check in process

Allow a patient with an appointment in MacPractice to "Check In", alerting staff everywhere in the office that the patient has arrived and is ready to be seen. Patient Check In App streamlines the check in process and helps your office maintain HIPAA compliance by substituting the sign-in sheet with an iPad or iPad mini. Patient Check In is so simple. Patients enter their identifying information, press a button on the iPad screen, and their appointment status is automatically updated in MacPractice Schedule on every Mac desktop in the office to reflect their arrival.

Your patients will look forward to checking in and perceive you to be technologically advanced. Your front desk staff will love you for making their lives easier. Everyone in your office, including clinical staff, will know when a patient arrives by viewing MacPractice Schedule.

Eliminate paperwork

Many practices use a sign-in sheet on which patients write their name, arrival time and the reason for their visit. This is a HIPAA compliance problem if protected health information (PHI) is publicly displayed. It is also inefficient, as the time of the patient's arrival is not recorded in the computer.