92% User Satisfaction

MacPractice DDS has one of the highest user satisfaction percentages (92%) across several key criteria including return on investment, clinical, business, and overall satisfaction and was given the CR Choice designation in the March 2017 issue of the Independent Clinicians Report.

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Practice Management

Patients, Scheduling, Billing, Inventory, Reports and so much more. Our Practice Management software is the foundation for the modern practice and was designed to be user-centric to increase your productivity and optimize workflow.

Practice Management Features


MacPractice has developed a portfolio of best-in-class Charting, Digital Radiography, EDR, Perio and more abilities giving you options to mix-and-match products to best suit your practice requirements and individual preferences.

Clinical Features

Seriously sensitive security features

MacPractice takes data security seriously with robust encryption and network transport technology. Our security settings are designed to put you in control of your confidential data, protect sensitive patient information, and maintain HIPAA compliancy. Our user group and privilege system, security alerts, and automatic screen locking HIPAA button are just a few of many security tools.

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Practice Spotlight: Dr. Josh Austin

Practice Spotlight: Dr. Joseph Nelson

Software Support

The MacPractice Support Department located in Lincoln, Nebraska is dedicated to providing the absolute best customer support experience possible to you and your staff. Whether by live chat, phone or email, the MacPractice Support Department is just a click or call away.

Data Migration

We are absolutely committed to making the transition to our software as smooth as possible. We specialize in providing smooth migration from most PC and Mac products. Most conversions are performed in house by conversion experts, making them cost-effective and fast.

MacPractice works the way you do

The MacPractice Schedule allows flexible scheduling and a customizable appointment display, so you can view the schedule by any date range with just the right color scheme for you. New accounts, charges, payments, claims, and appointment reminders can be created directly from the Schedule for scheduling that is as productive as you are.

Securely mobilize patient information to create a paperless patient workflow with MacPractice apps for iPad. Your patients can check in with a few taps. Allow a patient to fill out intake forms, including demographic, clinical, and release forms from your iPad.

MacPractice Orders multi-tasks as efficiently as you do. Apart from just creating clinical orders, it coordinates tasks between users, creates Reminders, imports CareSlip charges from EMR forms, lab results, HL7 transactions, and online requests from Patient Health Information (PHI) Portal.

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Dental Specialty - Pediatrics

Practice Spotlight: Dr. Simon Lin

Dental Specialty - Prosthodontist

Practice Spotlight: Dr. Jonathan Ferencz, DDS

276 Meet MacPractice with Mark Hollis : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Why Mac practice? Learn how running your dental office on Apple technology can make your practice efficient for you and fun for your patients.

Dentistry Today Interview with MacPractice CEO Mark Hollis

Dr. Feuerstein and Mr. Hollis discuss Mac development and how MacPractice makes Mac OS X features, such as interoperability, relevant to dentistry.

Patient Portal

Allow new and existing patients to make an appointment online, anywhere, anytime as well as completing forms on the web before their appointment. Your patients can access their information, view lab results, visit summaries and have secure communications with your office all while maintaing HIPAA compliance.

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MacPractice Billing Services

Your clinical skills combined with our medical billing expertise will keep your practice financially sound while you focus on patient care. You’ll collect faster, even amid declining revenues and increasing billing complexity.

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Upcoming Live Webinars

Is MacPractice Right for Me and My Practice?

This webinar will help you decide whether or not MacPractice is right for your practice. We will discuss the state...

This webinar will help you decide whether or not MacPractice is right for your practice. We will discuss the state of Apple products in healthcare, along with what our current clients love most about MacPractice. The live Q&A session at the end is a great way to learn answers to questions you didn’t even know you had!  This webinar is for prospective clients of MacPractice. Current MacPractice clients can find training in the Help section of the software.

Meaningful Use

MacPractice 5.0 and MacPractice 5.1 Achieves ONC HIT 2014 Edition Complete EHR Certification from ICSA Labs.

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