MacPractice DDS is a best-of-class Mac dental software application, creating a new choice of practice management and clinical software for all dentists, and a Mac OS X migration path for DentalMac users.

MacPractice DDS gives dentists access to high quality software at a reasonable cost, and MacPractice backs this up with a full spectrum of complementary, integrated software and hardware solutions and associated support services.

Features of MacPractice DDS include:

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Introduction to MacPractice - Running Your Practice On A Mac Has Never Been Easier Wed May 21st at 5:00 PM Central Standard Time

Patient Check In App

Allow your patients to "check in" on your iPad for their scheduled appointment.

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Clipboard App

Streamline patient registration and reduce
the risk of data entry errors.

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iEHR App

Edit patient data, view clinical history, or
create patient iEHR forms.

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Dr. Nelson, PureDental - MacPractice DDS User
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Data Migration

We are absolutely committed to making the transition to our software as smooth as possible. We specialize in providing smooth migration from most PC and Mac products. Most conversions are performed in house by conversion experts, making them cost-effective and fast.