MacPractice SDKs for MacPractice MD, DDS, & DC

Lincoln, NE, March 14, 2005: MacPractice, Inc. announces the April release of three Software Development Kits (SDK) for its Cocoa practice management software, MacPractice MD SDK, MacPractice DDS SDK, and MacPractice DC SDK. Each SDK will cost $995 and requires an annual support contract. Pre-release orders are being accepted for $750.

MacPractice MD for physicians, MacPractice DDS for dentists, and MacPractice DC for chiropractors have been in beta clients' hands since December and will debut this March, on schedule as promised. The March release will has integrated accounting, patient and insurance billing, and management and database report "Abilities." Scheduling and EClaims are being developed for release in May or June.

"We are inviting the thousands of Macintosh developers to leverage our products to provide more complete, empowering health care solutions for doctors," states Mark Hollis, President of MacPractice, Inc.

For its back-end database, MacPractice uses MySQL, the world's most popular open source database, with over six million active installations worldwide. Many of the world's largest organizations -- including Yahoo!, Sabre Holdings, The Associated Press, Suzuki and NASA -- are realizing significant cost savings by using MySQL for business-critical enterprise applications and packaged software. MySQL is an attractive alternative to higher-cost, more complex database technology due to its high-performance, reliability and stability. Apple uses MySQL in Mac OS X.

The new MacPractice programs are designed and developed by a team of 11 software engineers, at the direction of Patrick Clyne, the original designer who led the development of MediMac, DentalMac, and ChiroMac.

About MacPractice

MacPractice, Inc. is a client-centric practice management software development firm comprised of highly experienced and caring individuals who are dedicated to the development and support of best-of-class Macintosh software, hardware, and associated services for physicians, dentists and chiropractors.