MacPractice MD, DDS and DC 1.8 Update

Lincoln, NE December 29, 2005 - MacPractice, Inc., developer of MacPractice MD for physicians, MacPractice DC for chiropractors, and MacPractice DDS for dentists, full-fledged healthcare practice management software applications designed especially for Mac OS X released version 1.8.

More than a thousand doctors have chosen MacPractice to provide their practice management software and technical support. MacPractice supplies support for many clients for MediMac, DentalMac, and ChiroMac as well. This release adds many new features to MacPractice MD, DDS and DC to advance user productivity and efficiency.

New Scheduling features include the ability to associate as many as 4 colors with an appointment to indicate status, type, alert, etc.

New Managers have been added in 1.8 to facilitate the posting of bulk insurance payments, a major challenge for healthcare providers. MacPractice has added a Claim Generator to print batches of paper claims and create batches of eclaims for those procedures for which claims were not created as procedures were posted.

Providers who commonly perform multiple procedures for a patient in one visit will love SuperCodes. When posting, the entry of one SuperCode can generate a predetermined set of procedures and diagnosis simultaneously.

This update enhances many areas of MacPractice software including EClaims, Notes and Rx. Dental offices can create CareSlips (encounter forms) for scheduled patients. Physicians may now print or eclaim UB92 forms for hospital billing. All users will like the new ability to print mail and chart labels, and postcards for appointment reminders and recalls.

Introductory pricing for MacPractice software has been extended to January 31, 2006. MacPractice MD starts at $2000, and MacPractice DDS and DC start at $1500 for a single user. Networked versions are an additional $500 per 5 users. Scheduling, EClaims and Perio Charting are available options for $500 each. An additional Holiday discount of 25% is available until January 15, 2006. Attendees of January MacWorld may see MacPractice 1.8.5 in the Special Interest Area including Transparencies for block scheduling.

MacPractice software requires MySQL, available from MacPractice for its clients for $250 per office, and a MacPractice software support and enhancements agreement.

Doctors may request to view QuickTime demonstration movies of MacPractice MD, DDS or DC when registering at

"As excited as we at MacPractice are about the release of version 1.8, we are already looking forward to imminent announcements of new relationships and new features for the first quarter of 2006. Stay tuned," said Mark Hollis, President and Director of Client Relations.