MacPractice Upgrades Users to MySQL Version 5

MacPractice Upgrades Users to MySQL Version 5

Lincoln, NE, August 10, 2007 - MacPractice, Inc., developer of MacPractice MD for physicians, MacPractice DDS for dentists, MacPractice DC for chiropractors, and MacPractice 20/20 for optometrists, the preeminent Mac OS X practice management software and clinical applications announces migration of all of its products to MySQL 5.

Among many new database features, MySQL 5 supports views, stored procedures, stored routines, and triggers. There are many new performance improvements as well.

All new purchasers of MacPractice software will receive MySQL 5. MacPractice also purchased the upgrade from MySQL AB for all 1800 current MacPractice users.

MacPractice software is forward and backward compatible with MySQL versions 4 and 5. MacPractice plans for future versions to take advantage of features that are only in MySQL 5 after all users have upgraded, which should occur within the next few months.

"MySQL has made this transition very easy for us and for our clients. We can't wait to leverage the new features of MySQL 5 to benefit our users," says Mark Hollis, President of MacPractice.

Doctors are encouraged to view QuickTime demonstration movies of MacPractice MD, DDS, DC, or 20/20 after registering at

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MacPractice, Inc. is a client-centric practice management and clinical software development firm, comprised of highly experienced and caring individuals, dedicated to the development and support of best-of-class Macintosh software, hardware, and associated services for physicians, dentists, and chiropractors.

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