MacPractice MD, DDS and DC 1.5 Ship, Full-Fledged Practice Management Software with EClaims, Scheduling, Word Processing

Lincoln, NE July 4, 2005 - MacPractice, Inc. releases MacPractice MD for physicians, MacPractice DC for chiropractors, and MacPractice DDS for dentists, version 1.5. This event makes MacPractice the provider of the first full-fledged healthcare practice management software applications designed especially for Mac OS X for physicians, chiropractors and dentists. MacPractice declares "Independence Day from Mac OS 9" for doctors.

MacPractice 1.0 shipped just 3 months ago. More than 100 doctor's offices now use 1.0. These offices will be the first to get 1.5. The addition of scheduling, e-claims, images, and integrated word processing (later in July), perio charting, and many enhancements to the original release of MacPractice's applications makes them suitable for use by hundreds more. More than 700 offices, already MacPractice clients for support of MediMac, ChiroMac, and DentalMac, which are Mac OS 9 programs, are expected to migrate over the next few months.

MacPractice Scheduling interfaces with iCal, providing doctors and dentists the ability to have their schedule of appointments on an iPod, phone, Palm, or PowerBook, .mac or the Internet. MacPractice's EClaims partners provide online eligibility verification, claim tracking, electronic referrals (medical), insurance estimation (dental), and claims transmission via Internet or modem.

MacPractice DDS Perio Charting Ability premiers July 7 in Orlando at the Florida National Dental Congress. Also in July, MacPractice plans to work with Apple to leverage Mac OS X technology to make Perio Charting voice-activated. MacPractice DDS will integrate with RSV Mac and other digital radiography solutions this summer.

MacPractice MD will integrate with SpringCharts? EMR, an innovative solution from Spring Medical combining rich functionality and intuitive ease of use, this summer, to provide the first affordable, comprehensive Mac OS X practice management and EMR solution for physicians.

Introductory pricing for MacPractice software is available until August 31, 2005. MacPractice MD starts at $2000, and MacPractice DDS and DC start at $1500 for a single user. Networked versions are an additional $500 per 5 users. Scheduling, EClaims and Perio Charting are available options for $500 each. There is an additional "Independence Day" discount of 25% until July 30, 2005.

MacPractice software requires MySQL, available from MacPractice for its clients for $250 per office, and a MacPractice software support and enhancements agreement.

Doctors may request to view QuickTime demonstration movies of MacPractice MD, DDS or DC when registering at

"We are grateful to our programming team, dedicated support staff, field reps, the 700+ doctor clients who support us, Apple Developer Relations, and to our business partners. Our products are designed with their cooperation, support and insight to take the greatest advantage of Apple's revolutionary technologies to benefit doctors," said Mark Hollis, President and Director of Client Relations.
MacPractice invites the thousands of Macintosh developers to leverage the MacPractice SDK, due in the August 2005, to provide more complete, empowering health care solutions for doctors.

About Spring Medical Systems, Inc.

Spring Medical Systems, Inc. provides easy-to-use software solutions that empower physicians to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better patient care. Our flagship offering is SpringCharts? EMR, an innovative electronic medical records solution that combines the right mix of rich functionality, intuitive ease of use, and affordability. Now in its seventh year of development, and in use by physicians in a variety of medical specialties, SpringCharts is the complete EMR Solution for independent medical offices.