MacPractice first to offer HIPAA-compliant claim submission through ProxyMed for Macintosh users, including MediMac and ChiroMac users

Lincoln, NE, November 9, 2004:
MacPractice today announced their certification with ProxyMed, a leading provider of physician healthcare transaction processing and medical cost containment services. This certification validates MacPractice as a reselling partner for clearinghouse transaction services, making them the first company to receive this distinction on a Macintosh system. To date MacPractice has implemented 52 MediMac and ChiroMac offices with the ProxyMed system.

"The ability to perform claims tracking, eligibility verification, electronic referrals and ftp submission with ProxyMed creates some very powerful benefits MediMac and ChiroMac clients receive with our organization," said Mark Hollis, President and Director of Customer Relations with MacPractice. "Other benefits of working with MacPractice for MediMac, ChiroMac and DentalMac users include 90% of support calls answered live by our expert as well and highly experienced personnel."

MacPractice MD, MacPractice DC and MacPractice DDS, all new Mac OS X applications, are expected next quarter and are available free for support subscribers for a limited time. These programs are being designed and developed, by a team of 11 software engineers, at the direction of Patrick Clyne, the original designer/developer of MediMac, ChiroMac and DentalMac.

While MacPractice is devoted to providing superlative support for MediMac, ChiroMac and DentalMac and developing new Mac OS software for their growing 330+ customers, it sees the relationship and technology initiative with ProxyMed as a very significant answer to many current users' requests.