MacPractice DR (Digital Radiography) and Imaging Announced for Dentists

Lincoln, NE, August 30, 2007 - MacPractice, Inc., developer of MacPractice DDS, MacPractice MD, MacPractice DC, and MacPractice 20/20, the leading Mac OS X practice management and clinical applications, announces MacPractice DR (Digital Radiography), a new integrated Ability for MacPractice DDS users.

Upon introduction, the first Mac OS X solutions MacPractice DR will work with are Visiodent's RSV Mac, Kodak's TrophyMac, and aMac. MacPractice is also working with several other developers to create new Mac OS X drivers for their dental x-ray solutions.

Intraoral and smile photos can also be captured and stored in MacPractice DR. MacPractice has worked closely with manufacturers to qualify wireless and wired camera integration.

MacPractice DR is developed with Xcode. It utilizes Apple's Core Image technology and some of Apple's newest interface advancements, such as "skimming" which allows a dentist to store several images in a stack. Running a mouse over the stack displays the images.

"MacPractice DR is the first fully integrated digital radiography solution for Mac users," says Mark Hollis, President of MacPractice. "We are collaborating to provide a variety of best of class Mac native sensor and phosphor plate solutions. MacPractice DR is designed to work with every popular PC digital x-ray solution as well."

MacPractice DR will be demonstrated in a MacPractice booth at Greater St. Louis Dental Congress, Ohio Dental Association Annual Session, and ADA Annual Session in September, and The Greater New York Dental Meeting in November.

MacPractice DR is priced at $1500 plus an annual fee for support and updates of $200. This provides an office with the same number of simultaneous users of MacPractice DR as they have a license for MacPractice DDS and includes a link to one digital radiography solution. Dentists may use several x-ray solutions at the same time with MacPractice DDS. Dentists are advised to call MacPractice to discuss compatibility testing.

Doctors are encouraged to view QuickTime demonstration movies of MacPractice DR, MacPractice DDS, MD, DC, or 20/20 after registering at

1,800 doctors' offices have chosen MacPractice to provide their practice management software and technical support. MacPractice, Inc. also supports the use of DentalMac, MediMac, and ChiroMac by several hundred offices.

About MacPractice
MacPractice, Inc. is a client-centric practice management and clinical software development firm, comprised of highly experienced and caring individuals, dedicated to the development and support of best-of-class Macintosh software, hardware, and associated services for physicians, dentists, and chiropractors.

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