MacPractice Announces Snow Leopard Compatibility

Lincoln, NE, September 9, 2009 - MacPractice, Inc., the developer of MacPractice MD, MacPractice DDS, MacPractice DC, and MacPractice 20/20, the leading practice management and clinical applications for Mac, announces compatibility of MacPractice version 3.6.8 with Snow Leopard, with some caveats.

At this time, there is an image capture issue for those dentists using the direct interface from MacPractice DR (Digital Radiography/Photo) to SuniRay sensors. MacPractice is working with Apple to resolve the issue.

MacPractice recommends that users inquire about Snow Leopard compatibility of all other products they use on a computer before upgrading the operating system. For example, MacPractice users who use the Fujitsu ScanSnap with MacPractice Attachments will find there is currently an issue that interferes with the ability of ScanSnap Manager to remember the folder location in which to place scanned documents. Fujitsu is aware of the issue, and they are working on an update.

MacPractice 3.6.8 is compatible with both Leopard and Snow Leopard, and does not require all MacPractice terminals to be on the same operating system, making it possible for users to purchase new Intel Macs without having to upgrade other computers in the network or replace all their Power PC Macs, as Snow Leopard requires Intel Macs.

MacPractice also supports an earlier version of its software, MacPractice 3.1, which is Leopard and Tiger compatible, for MacPractice users who need to access MediMac, DentalMac and ChiroMac, which require the Classic environment (supported lastly by Tiger on PPC /usr/bin/opensslMacs). Some MacPractice 3.1 users who have already upgraded terminals to Snow Leopard report no issues. MacPractice will officially test MacPractice 3.1 for Snow Leopard compatibility this fall.

MacPractice has not tested with Snow Leopard Server as yet.

MacPractice will maintain a Snow Leopard web page to provide guidance for its users.

"We are excited for our users to be able to experience the greater reliability and performance of Snow Leopard," stated Mark Hollis, President of MacPractice.

Physicians, dentists, chiropractors and eye doctors are encouraged to view QuickTime demonstration movies of MacPractice software by registering at

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Press Contact:
Mark Hollis, President of MacPractice, Inc.
(212) 683-2224