MacPractice Announces Doctors Can Dictate in MacPractice MD, DDS, DC, 20/20

Today is a momentous day for doctors who prefer to use Macs for administrative and clinical purposes in the office and at home.

At the Florida National Dental Convention in Orlando today, MacSpeech's president, Andrew Taylor is demonstrating MacSpeech Dictate Medical, the very first speech dictation application for Mac OS X developed for doctors, working in MacPractice Note, MacPractice EMR and MacPractice EDR. MacSpeech Dictate Medical supports an extensive set of medical and dental specialties and works in all MacPractice software applications. Visit today to see if your specialty is supported.

MacSpeech Dictate Medical will astound you with its accuracy - near perfection with up to 99% accuracy. MacSpeech Dictate Medical never misspells a word typos are a thing of the past. With MacSpeech Dictate Medical you're free to focus on what you have to say just think it, speak it, and create it.

MacSpeech Dictate Medical works with the other applications you may use in your office as well, including iChat, Mail, iPhoto, Keynote and Word.

MacSpeech Dictate Medical works great with most text documents, even those that it didn't create. It can read a document's contents, or a portion of it, that you can then navigate and edit. With just minutes of training, you can use MacSpeech Dictate Medical. It will learn from you and improve accuracy as you make voice corrections in your dictation.

An exclusive bundle of MacSpeech Dictate Medical with a quality microphone is available for purchase from MacPractice immediately with FREE shipping through July 4, 2009. Please call Kelly Krueger at (646) 305-9008 to place your order. If you own MacSpeech Dictate already, Kelly can provide you with upgrade pricing.