MacPractice and Soredex Announce Development of Mac Driver for OpTime

Lincoln, NE, May 14, 2009 - MacPractice, Inc., the premiere Apple developer of practice management and clinical software for physicians, dentists and chiropractors, and Soredex, a leading manufacturer for 25 years of imaging solutions for dentists with more than 30,000 installations, announced that MacPractice is developing a Mac driver for Soredex's OpTime digital intraoral x-ray, phosphor plate, chairside system, for use with MacPractice DDS.

There are numerous advantages to a dental office of using phosphor plates versus rigid, wired sensors. A phosphor plate is wireless making it significantly easier to position (as easy as film), flexible like film making it more comfortable for the patient, and versatile as it is available in traditional film sizes 0, 1, 2, and 3. No staff training is required for the placement and use of imaging plates because the dental assistant can use the same technique as film, and they can continue to use their current film holders.

OpTime's advantages also include scanning chairside (the OpTime unit is compact) or centralized (the unit is connected via Ethernet and may be located anywhere). Quick read-out time makes it possible to feed imaging plates continuously, for example, when a full mouth x-ray series is taken.

To eliminate steps in the dental assistant's workflow, OpTime features AutoDetect, AutoStart, AutoErase, AutoEject, Auto Optimization, and AutoSleep. The OpTime unit automatically identifies what size plate is inserted - there is no need for separate adaptors and holders. The readout begins automatically - no buttons to push. Imaging plates are automatically erased and ready for immediate reuse - no separate erasure accessory is required. After being read the plate is automatically ejected, and the unit is ready for the next plate. OpTime's built-in system intelligence automatically optimizes the image quality.

The OpTime system uses highly sensitive and intelligent imaging plate readout technology to achieve high quality images. Even small details like 0.06mm root canals are visible. The wide dynamic range of OpTime produces consistent results without having to change exposure settings for each patient.

"MacPractice is very excited to collaborate with Soredex, a major manufacturer with an excellent reputation for service and support, to develop a new Mac-native digital x-ray solution utilizing phosphor plates," stated Mark Hollis, MacPractice's President.

Dentists are always encouraged to view QuickTime demonstration movies of MacPractice DR and MacPractice DDS after registering at 2500 doctors' offices have chosen MacPractice to provide their practice management software and technical support. MacPractice also supports DentalMac, MediMac, and ChiroMac for several hundred offices.

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