MacPractice Native Apps for iPad for Doctors Now iOS 10 Compatible

MacPractice Patient Check In, Clipboard, iEHR Apps for iPad Intercommunicates with MacPractice MD, DDS, DC, 20/20 for Mac

Lincoln, NE – September 19, 2016 – MacPractice announces that MacPractice's Patient Check In, Clipboard and iEHR native apps for iPad, designed to streamline patient registration and to enhance the patient's experience in a doctor's office or clinic, are now compatible with iOS X.

"Check In and Clipboard Apps use patient-entered data to comply with HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, empower office communication, eliminate staff data entry and reduce patient wait times, and now doctors' office can use them on iOS 10, the most powerful and popular mobile operating system on the planet," said MacPractice's CEO Mark Hollis.

When a patient ‘checks in' on an iPad, unassisted, they silently alert everyone, everywhere in the office of their arrival with a simultaneous, automatic change of appointment status and color.

With MacPractice Clipboard App, the patient can complete registration forms, provide health history, sign HIPAA and other releases, and take their own photo on the iPad. After reviewing what they have entered on the iPad, they tap a button to send all their data into MacPractice MD, DDS, DC or 20/20 on the office Macs.

MacPractice iEHR for iPad work in tandem with MacPractice EHR for Mac inside MacPractice MD, DDS, DC and 20/20 to provide mobility and versatility for clinical data entry, treatment, and coding.

No data is stored on the iPads. MacPractice's apps encrypt data with HIPAA compliant Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), as they intercommunicate with MacPractice MD, DC, DDS, and 20/20, the office's practice management and clinical software for Mac. MacPractice's built-in AES encryption of data at rest and in motion ensures protection of the patient's identity and health information from foreign government sponsored hacking and ransomware.

"We built AES encryption into all MacPractice software to protect patients from identity theft and help doctors qualify for HIPAA's Safe Harbor in the event of a breach. However our Mac-using clients with our OS X native applications are already just so much more secure than any of their Windows-using counterparts. The skyrocketing reports of ransomware and hacking on Windows and the vulnerability of the cloud is terrifying and should be concerning to doctors and patients," said Mr. Hollis. "It is just not happening on Apple's operating systems. Patients and doctors are truly way more secure, and their onsite IT costs are a fraction of what their Windows-using peers pay."

Recent releases of MacPractice also offer online Registration and EHR Forms, Online Scheduling and integrated Reputation Marketing That Works.

MacPractice Interface for iPad with Charge Capture and MacPractice Interface for iPhone with Charge Capture, web apps for iPad, Macs and PCs developed with Apple's web development tools, are also iOS 10 compatible. These products are designed for doctors to easily take what they need from their office to the hospital and to the golf course. They are a limited demonstration of a future web client alternative that MacPractice is developing for current and future MacPractice users.

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