MacPractice Assures ICD-10 Capability for MacPractice Software

September 13, 2013, Lincoln, NE - Today MacPractice described its development plans with Medical Coding & Compliance Solutions (MCCS) to provide MacPractice users ICD-10* capability far in advance of the current deadline of October 1, 2014.

"A number of large vendors are exaggerating the future impact of ICD-10 to motivate independent doctors to doubt their current vendor's ability to support them and to even abandon cost-effective in-house billing out of fear. I have been caring for doctors for 30 years, helping them manage and maintain their independent practices. We shepherded our clients through several transitions successfully, including NPI and 5010, which established the eclaims foundation for ICD-10 last year, " said Mark Hollis, MacPractice's CEO. "We assure our 30,000 users that, well in advance of the deadline, MacPractice will provide an ICD-10 capable update for our clients and for all doctors who prefer to use Apple native technology. Of course there will be no additional cost to use ICD-10 codes in MacPractice."

"There is definitely a lot of fear out there about ICD-10, but as long as practices are prepared well in advance of the compliance deadline, they'll be okay," said Eric Arnson, vice president of marketing and product management for Capario, MacPractice clearinghouse partner with 20 years of experience. "Capario will be fully ICD-10 compliant and is working closely with MacPractice. We made it through 5010 and we'll make it through ICD-10. The main thing to focus on is training staff. Providers need to put an action plan in place now, and then follow through. If they do this, they'll be fine." A 2012 KLAS study found that 100% of Capario customers surveyed said they would purchase services from Capario again.

When doctors are required to use ICD-10 it will initiate a transition period during which software must provide offices the ability to work with both ICD-9 and ICD-10. MacPractice is developing this capability as well as internal electronic coding assistance for providers. MacPractice has also agreed to collaborate with MCCS to deliver ICD-10 codes within MacPractice and to integrate MacPractice software with Flash Code, MCCS's flagship electronic coding assistant.

For 10 years, MacPractice has partnered with MCCS, which has been in the coding business since 1994, to provide billing codes for use in MacPractice. Dr. Karlen Bailie, MCCS's President, had the following to say: "MCCS is committed to providing access to the ICD-10 codes well in advance of the proposed implementation date. In 2011, we began demonstrating a version of Flash Code that contains the ICD-10 codes and crosswalk functionality to assist doctors who are familiar with ICD-9 in choosing the appropriate ICD-10. The latest ICD-10 codes and features will be deployed to our web application in October 2013 for future integration with MacPractice.There will be accompanying tutorials that include instructional text, images, and short movies showing each feature in action. Two week unlimited test drives will be available for any MacPractice user that wishes to see how Flash Code's features simplify the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes."

MacPractice invites doctors and staff to attend a free ICD-10 webinar presented by Dr. Bailie. Many will be surprised to see how much easier it is than they are being led to believe.

  • Tuesday September 24 at 11 am PST (2 pm EST)
  • Tuesday October 1 at 8 am PST (11 am EST)

How can you improve your coding today while getting ready for ICD-10? Subscribe to Flash Code electronic coding assistant before December 31, 2013 for only $349.95 for the first user with volume discounts and receive a future MacPractice integration at no additional cost. All Flash Code updates are included for a year. Besides ICD-10, Flash Code includes:

  • All official ICD-9-CM, CPT®, HCPCS, DRG, and NDC codes
  • Medicare RBRVS, DME, Lab, and Medicare Part B Drug fees
  • All active NCCI unbundling edits, (one million+ "fraud & abuse" code pairs)
  • Medical Necessity codes (three million+ diagnosis/treatment code pairs used by Medicare to "justify medical necessity")
  • Medicare RBRVS table includes all GPCI regions and calculations for Facility and Non Facility payment, including Participating Physician:
    • Allowable amount
    • 80% Payment amount
    • 20% Co-Payment amount

Also includes calculations for Non Par physician Limiting Charge and Payment amount (also by Facility and Non Facility) Please register at to view demo videos of MacPractice and Flash Code.

*ICD-10 has been available worldwide since 1996 and has been on the agenda for implementation in the US since HIPAA was signed into law that same year. Delays have accompanied each effort to push ICD-10 into practice, the most recent of which resulted in a new target date of October 1, 2014.

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