MacPractice Announces ANSI 5010 Successful Claims Submission for All Users MacPractice Eases Transition for Healthcare Providers to New EDI Format

Lincoln, NE, November 17, 2011 - MacPractice, the leading Apple developer of practice management and clinical software for physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and eye care professionals for Macs, iPhones, and iPads, stated that all MacPractice users are successfully submitting medical eclaims through Capario to carriers that require the ANSI 5010 EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). On November 17, CMS extended the deadline by which all carriers and providers must use 5010 from January 1, 2012 to March 31, 2012.

MacPractice worked on behalf of doctors with its medical clearinghouse partner Capario since the end of last year to avoid potential interruption or delay of insurance payments and other EDI transactions such as eligibility verification and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA). Contrary to what heath care providers were told, MacPractice users who submit eclaims through Capario did nothing to prepare for 5010, and they were not required to test. MacPractice 4.1 makes it possible for clients who use a lock box or P.O. Box to receive insurance payments to submit successfully. A new requirement of 5010 is that if a P.O. Box is supplied for payments, a physical address for the delivery of services must be provided as well. MacPractice's partner clearinghouses will convert 5010 to 40101A as needed during the transition for carriers who cannot send or receive the new format before March 31, 2012. The major impetus for the required transition to ANSI 5010 is to provide a foundation for a future change to ICD-10, now scheduled for October 1, 2013. Dates for ICD-10 implementation have changed several times over the last several years. In other news also on November 17, the AMA announced it's intent to fight the migration to ICD-10 in the US.

Responses to an email notification sent by MacPractice to all MacPractice,clients follow:

"Once again, Mark, you and your company exceed expectations! Thank you for your diligent work to make these transitions seamless! Here hoping ICD10 is put to rest for good!" Our fondest regards." - Jen and Tom Osborne, MD, VA

"Mark, I can't tell you how easy all this has been, knowing that MP is taking care of all our needs. I have seen others stressing and worrying about this transition but was secure knowing you all had it covered. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Anne Hillmann, General & Vascular Surgeons, PC, AZ

"Thanks for a great product!" Moshe Rubin, MD, NYC

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