MacPractice Announces Availability of Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

Enables Doctors to Document Faster and More Completely Simply by Using their Voice

MGMA, San Diego, CA, October 7, 2013 - MacPractice, a Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac reseller partner, has announced immediate availability of Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac to users of MacPractice MD, DC, DDS and 20/20. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is designed specifically for small- to mid-sized practices to help accelerate adoption of MacPractice's electronic medical record (EMR) system, MacPractice EMR. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is powered by the same award-winning Dragon Medical speech recognition technology used by more than 200,000 clinicians today, including the largest, most advanced healthcare providers. As part of the transition to EMRs, many doctors are experiencing significant workflow interruptions that add hours onto their workday and impact the number of patients they are able to treat each day. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac lets these clinicians more efficiently tackle their workload and keep the focus on patient care by enabling them to document and navigate within MacPractice EMR simply by using their voice.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac also allows doctors to navigate other Mac-based applications beyond the EMR, such as email messages to other caregivers, by leveraging the fastest, most accurate medical speech recognition. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac's speech recognition engine is up to 99 percent accurate out of the box and translates voice into text up to three times faster than most people can type. The solution also offers medical vocabularies covering more than 90 specialties, and is designed specifically for use by physicians, dentists and chiropractors

"Using Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac with MacPractice allows me to spend less time typing and more time with patients," said Alec Goldenberg, MD. "With the demands being placed on physicians, and the disruptions in our typical day-to-day workflow, technology that improves productivity - like Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac and MacPractice - is invaluable. I have been using speech recognition for years in my office, and I see big improvements in this latest version. I especially like using a desktop application as it helps to improve recognition, expands my vocabulary, and I can easily create macros that save time."

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac introduces exciting new features to the MacPractice community. The speech recognition technology tightly integrates with MacPractice, offering the following key benefits for physicians:

  • Spend more time with patients: Doctors spend less time taking notes, filling out charts and completing documentation with Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac, leaving more time for patient care.
  • Create higher quality documentation in less time: Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac ensures proper clinical documentation because it understands the language that health care providers speak, and users can further accelerate dictation by creating macros to insert with frequently used blocks of text.
  • Reduce costs, improve efficiency: Practices can eliminate transcription costs and reduce time spent on documentation to achieve faster, more accurate reports, while increasing practice volume and ensuring financial viability.

MacPractice is proud to offer Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac and related products and services to the medical community on its website at Register at to see demo videos of all of MacPractice features as well as a video demonstrating Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac being used within MacPractice EMR. Purchases from MacPractice of Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac with a recommended microphone or recorder by November 1st qualify for "Install Me" certifiedesupport, a $99 value. Call MacPractice Sales at (402) 420-2430 or email

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