Doctors Can Now Use iPads with MacPractice EMR, Tooth Charting, Digital Radiography and Practice Management

MacPractice Offers Assistance to Doctors for Patient Registration and Clinical Recordkeeping to Streamline Care, Save Time and Reduce Data Entry Errors

Lincoln, NE, April 13, 2010 - MacPractice, the leading Apple developer of practice management and clinical software on Macs and iPhones for medical and dental offices, today announced the launch of new iPad integration solutions that allow doctors and dentists to use all MacPractice products on an iPad to leverage the efficiency and ease of use of Apple's latest innovation to streamline care, save time and reduce the risk of data entry errors. "We've been overwhelmed with requests from doctors who want to use MacPractice on an iPad," said Mark Hollis, president of MacPractice. "The interface solutions we have tested allow doctors to use this incredible device in a patient encounter, enter the visit data into MacPractice EMR and have access to medical and dental images, prescription history, etc. literally at their fingertips at the point of care." Besides qualifying its MacPractice iPhone Interface for use on the iPad, the new iPad interface solutions leverage collaborative technologies to make the total functionality of MacPractice available on an iPad, including EMR, prescriptions and e-Prescribe, scheduling and more. The new MacPractice for iPad portal at provides a complete guide to deploying and using the iPad with MacPractice. The MacPractice iPad interface enables doctors, dentists and practice managers to:
  • Access MacPractice from anywhere within the office with the iPad's portable, wireless, touch-screen interface. Using a remote desktop connection from the iPad to a Mac computer, doctors can have complete access to MacPractice untethered from the computer, as well as all the native iPad functionality. Doctors and nurses can easily carry all patient information from one exam room to another and use their finger or a stylus, plus an on-screen keyboard, to access the MacPractice database and add new patient data. If desired, data can also be entered by attaching a keyboard to the iPad or using the keyboard and mouse at the computer. Data is entered directly into MacPractice, eliminating the need to synchronize the iPad with the computer.
  • Access MacPractice from outside the office on an iPad. Full access to the complete MacPractice system from anywhere with an internet connection makes it possible to view and update patient charts from home, the hospital or satellite offices.
  • Enable multiple users to simultaneously access MacPractice on a single computer from numerous iPads. Through collaboration with Aqua Connect, MacPractice for iPad allows multiple doctors to access the MacPractice system on a single machine at the same time, with local sound and audio support and built-in encryption that satisfies HIPAA guidelines.

    "We are proud to offer this joint solution with MacPractice that delivers on the high expectations healthcare providers have had since the announcement of the iPad," said Ronnie Exley, vice president of Aqua Connect. "The ability to deliver Mac OS X desktops and MacPractice in its full functionality to the iPad has the potential to revolutionize workflow in healthcare."
  • Use an iPad for patient registration. Utilizing MacPractice's web interface, patients can register on an iPad and complete HIPAA forms either in the office or from a remote location, such as the hospital or home. This not only streamlines the registration process, saves paper and time, but also helps reduce the risk of data-entry errors due to illegible handwriting or typing errors.
  • Complete medical EMR questionnaires on an iPad. Office staff using MacPractice can create a customized kiosk for each individual patient with all of the forms required for the visit and hand the patient an iPad on which to complete Health History, Social History, etc. Upon completion, the forms become part of the patient's record in MacPractice EMR.
  • "Write" eyeglass prescriptions on an iPad. Integration with MacPractice 20/20 allows ophthalmologists and optometrists to create eyeglass or lens prescriptions on the iPad.
  • Chart restorative and periodontal conditions and treatment on an iPad and review x-rays with patients. Dentists, dental assistants and hygienists who use MacPractice DDS may use the iPad's touch screen to chart existing conditions and treatment, and review x-rays and photos with patients. They can even provide patient education material and entertainment for the patient during procedures using native iPad applications.

For more information about MacPractice iPad solutions, visit the iPad portal at

MacPractice leverages Apple's legendary ease of use, stability and low-cost maintenance to create affordable, intuitive and flexible Mac-native software for doctors. The software, currently used in 3,000 doctors' practices, combines a state-of-the-art EHR/EMR solution with practice management tools in an easy-to-use, intuitive system that can improve patient care, efficiency and productivity. For more information about MacPractice solutions, visit