Dedication to Rick Thacker, DDS

April 26 1954 - Nov. 29 2004

We sadly inform you that Rick Thacker, DDS, a very good friend and loyal supporter of MacPractice, tragically passed away November 29, 2004. Rick's biography and his endorsement of our efforts to deliver excellent products and services to dentists, physicians and chiropractors, with his assistance and support, will remain as a testimonial to him on our web site. Rick was very highly regarded and respected by all those who knew him as colleagues, DentalMac, MediMac and ChiroMac clients, and patients. He touched all of our lives in a very personal way. He was known by all to be direct and honest and caring.

Patrick and I spoke to him on the morning of the day he died about the future of MacPractice. We considered him a "partner" and highly value the moral support and business guidance he has shared with us. We shared strong feelings about the essential importance of integrity in business and personal relationships with Rick. But more than anything, we valued his friendship of 19 years with Patrick and 15 years with my wife, Mickey, and me.

He will be fondly remembered by many former Healthcare Communications employees and representatives now associated with MacPractice. We shall all, including MacPractice clients, forever remain indebted to him for his valuable contributions to our success.

Rick will be sorely missed by his two surviving daughters, his many friends and colleagues, and his community in Russell, KS. Our only consolation is that we know he has gone to a better place.