MacPractice DDS 1.5 Release adds Scheduling, EClaims, Word Processing

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MacPractice DDS 1.5 Release adds Scheduling, EClaims, Word Processing

Lincoln, NE - May 27, 2005 - MacPractice, Inc. proudly announces the release, at the end of June, of MacPractice DDS version 1.5 for dentists, one of the first three healthcare practice management software applications designed especially for Mac OS X. The addition of scheduling, electronic insurance submission, periodontal charting, image storage, and integrated word processing makes MacPractice DDS 1.5 the first comprehensive dental practice management application designed especially for Mac OS X.

MacPractice DDS Scheduling interfaces with iCal, providing doctors the ability to take their schedule of appointments on an iPod, phone, Palm, or PowerBook, or place it on the Internet or .mac. MacPractice EClaims provides online eligibility verification and claim tracking, and claims transmission via Internet or modem.

Other MacPractice features include instantaneous practice management reporting, line item accounting, patient and insurance billing and tracking, patient recalls, prescriptions, and powerful to-do functions. Documents in PDF or native format may be stored with a patient record, or with a payment entry (a convenient way to file an explanation of benefits). Immediate future plans include the integration of MacPractice DDS with RSV Mac, other digital radiography solutions and other dental software and hardware solutions, and the development of tooth charting.

Introductory pricing is available until August 31, 2005. MacPractice DDS starts at $1500 for a single user. A networked version is an additional $500 per 5 users. Scheduling and EClaims are available for $500 each. There is an additional Independence Day discount of 25% (maximum $1000) until July 15, 2005.

MacPractice software requires MySQL, available from MacPractice for its clients for $250 per office, and a MacPractice software support and enhancements agreement.

"We are very grateful to our programming team, our dedicated support staff, our field reps, the 700+ doctor clients who support us, Apple Developer Relations, and to our various business partners to be able to make MacPractice DDS available at this time. Our products are designed with the cooperation and insight of these people to take the greatest advantage of Apple's revolutionary technologies to benefit dentists," said Mark Hollis, President and Director of Client Relations.

MacPractice invites the thousands of Macintosh developers to leverage the MacPractice SDK, due in August 2005, to provide more complete, empowering health care solutions for doctors.