Ambassador Program

Business opportunity requiring no investment for Apple Resellers, Consultants, and Trainers

MacPractice is looking for enthusiastic Apple Resellers, ACN members, consultants and trainers interested in expanding your business by being a proponent of MacPractice products and services for physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and optometrists. After registration, just provide contact information for a doctor with whom you have established a relationship and who is not already in the process of purchasing MacPractice software. We will provide demos, references, etc. and close the sale of MacPractice products and services for you.

As a MacPractice Ambassador, you will receive the following compensation for a sale of MacPractice software to a qualified prospect within 90 days of the date of referral:

MacPractice is comprised of former representatives for and developers of MediMac, DentalMac and ChiroMac, the leading practice management software on the Macintosh for 20 years. MacPractice is the leading developer of practice management software for Mac OS X and MacPractice MD, MacPractice DDS Gen 9 and MacPractice DC are the leading solutions. MacPractice has 2050+ office installations, 50 employees, including 36 dedicated to technical support and 12 engineers, plus 20 representatives throughout the US most of which have 20+ years of field experience!

My 16 years as an software representative, Apple reseller, and ACN selling, supporting and training 600+ doctors offices, taught me to look for certain qualities in a potential "partner." I expect you to share the same concerns I have about company stability, vision, the ability to meet the requirements of your client's industry, and the ability to supply superior software support. MacPractice passes the test!

MacPractice and its 20 national representatives want to help you leverage and extend existing relationships you have with doctors. If our proposal interests you, what's next?

Review our history, and register to look at QuickTime demos of our software. When you register, indicate that you are an Apple Reseller, Specialist, ACN Member, or Trainer interested in participating in the MacPractice Ambassador Program.



* Best efforts are made by MacPractice to assure that the referring MacPractice Ambassador has an opportunity to capture these hardware, software and service opportunities. Guidance as to specification of appropriate hardware and network configuration will be provided.