Better Patient Collections


As patient payment responsibly has increased, so have challenges for practices who wish to maintain a quality revenue cycle. More High Deductible Health Plans and more self-pay patients mean that practices need better patient collections to maintain the same provider revenue that used to come (with their own challenges) from commercial payers.


Switch to MacPractice


Many practices find themselves holding on to software that does not serve their needs, or may even hinder from opportunities to provide the best patient care possible. Why do they do it? Switching to a different software means undertaking a potentially expensive and resource draining transition, and there’s always a chance they won’t be any happier with the new product in the end. Still, a 2017 Medical Economic report found that 62% of survey respondents had switched to another Electronic Healthcare Record software at some point in their career. 

Taking the leap of faith to a new product can be daunting, especially if the software you switch to is made by a company that isn’t set up to fully support your transition. At MacPractice, we like to think of ourselves as partners in the success of your practice. And not just your practice’s financial success, but the bigger picture, real satisfaction kind of success for you, your staff, and even your patients. 


New in MacPractice


We're always improving MacPractice based on the feedback we get from our clients, and the workflows we learn from the practices who use our software. Last year was full of growth and changes for our company, and our software! We want to start 2019 by celebrating some of the new features we've been able to bring to your practice in MacPractice 10.


Reevaluating Your Practice's Billing in 2019


Your practice relies on an effective billing strategy to thrive. However, most practice owners did not become doctors because they are fascinated by revenue cycle management. If you are like most small to medium doctor-owned practices, your main interest is in providing excellent healthcare to your patients, even if you are very aware that software and effective billing are necessary to turn a profit. If you feel like your practice is ‘just getting’ by in survival mode, rather than thriving with a strong revenue strategy, know that you are not alone. 


Can A Dentist Run Their Practice On A Mac?


Apple technology has never been more popular because of its user-friendly design, ease of use and longevity. Did you know that 64% of the US population owns an Apple product of some kind* (iPhone, iMac, iPad, etc.) and the average American household owns 2.6 Apple products? And those percentages go up as family income rises.


4,129 Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Your Medical Billing


Medical billing can be a time consuming, frustrating, and overwhelming task resulting in stress, especially for small clinics that have limited time and resources to get the job done(and done right).  However, it is a vital function in order to keep money circulating through the practice or clinic. Much like extra pounds on the waistline due to an unhealthy diet and no exercise can cause stress on the human body, extra costs and time spent due to having to hire and train new employees can cause stress on the businesses finances. 




MACRO MOVES means big changes in Medicare are taking place. In case your practice didn’t know, Medicare has been issuing new cards since the beginning of April, 2018 and will continue throughout the next few months. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are required by law to have all social security numbers removed from the cards by April 2019. The reason for the change is to help protect individuals from fraudulent use of their social security numbers.


Getting to the Heart of your Billing Matters


Just as the human body has arteries and veins designed to pump blood to and from the heart to keep the human body healthy and alive, dentists and physicians also need to have systems in place to keep cash flow moving in order to keep their practice alive.  With the assistance of MacPractice Business Services knowledgeable, trained medical billers and certified coders, physicians can keep their financial lifeblood flowing and have the resistance it takes to fight off “insurance infections” and “denial diseases” that ultimately can have a deadly affect on a clinic’s survival.

Everyone knows the risk factors of little exercise, poor diet and bad habits can cause damage to the human heart.  Similarly, poor billing practices and habits create lost revenue that damages a practice or clinic’s finances.  The largest risk factor is untrained billing staff members who are unfamiliar with the ever-changing insurance rules and regulations and in addition may have limited or no knowledge of medical billing software.  


MPUC 2018 Post-conference Wrap-up


The 2018 MacPractice User Conference is a wrap! For those of you that missed it, or perhaps want to relive it or share the experience of the event with colleagues, we’ve curated a few of our favorite memories in this blog post. We want to thank everyone who attended this year. All of our excellent speakers, sponsors, attendees, and event organizers added to the community surrounding the event and made it the incredible success that it was.




You may know that the terms “EHR” and “EMR” mean electronic healthcare record and electronic medical record, respectively, but what do they really mean? As practice management and clinical software has evolved into full clinical and practice management platforms, many have used the terms interchangeably to mean the software they use to provide patient care. MacPractice also offers Abilities by these names, as well as EDR for Electronic Dental Records. For the purpose of this post, we will discuss the terms in their broad definitions, rather than the specific functions of either MacPractice Abilities. 

During the 1990s, healthcare software began to become a more prominent part of owning a practice or being a healthcare provider of any type. Technology improved with it, and added new opportunities to enhance patient care, billing, patient communication, ePrescribing, and even general office management tasks.


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