A Doctor's Thriving Practice Guide, Part 3: Practice Growth Without the Pains


In this post, we continue our series on thriving practice secrets by delving into what recent patient studies tell us about how patients view their experiences and how to solve those most common pain points with as little pain as possible. 


Introducing Training Bundles



A Doctor's Thriving Practice Guide, Part 2: Getting a Grip on Growth



Make the Most of Your Practice's Software


Few go into the healthcare field because of their love for technology, but the two domains have more in common than you might imagine. Both types of professionals want their service recipients to have the best outcomes and most excellent quality of functionality possible. Just as healthcare professionals are driven to help their patients learn about health conditions, quality technology companies find significance in in-depth training and continuing education.


A Doctor's Thriving Practice Guide


This three-part series will discuss some of the leading strategies and priorities that drive thriving practices to success. All practices are unique, and different practices will have different types of problems to solve. This guide focuses on the commonly held strategies of successful healthcare practices. This guide is for all doctors: dentists, chiropractors, family physicians, surgeons, prosthodontists, dermatologists, opticians, and more.

Part 1: Small Changes as Seeds of Success

Working with many practices throughout the decades and striving to be a partner in the success of those practices, we've noticed a thing or two when it comes to the standard strategies these practices use on their way to success. One of the most universally applied methods we've seen is that successful practices set themselves up for success in the details. Small changes make a significant impact on the business side of healthcare practices, and they can also improve clinical outcomes. MacPractice has designed our business and productivity tools with these practices in mind. Solving small problems with intuitively-designed tools plants the seeds for success now.


Spotlight on Small Practice Success


It is no secret that small healthcare practices are often struggling to survive in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Unfortunately, this period comes on the heels of even more bad news for small practice owners. As of 2017, less than half of patient care physicians had an ownership stake in their medical practice, according to the American Medical Association.


Better Billing with MacPractice Business Services


MacPractice understands better billing. We've always built our software to be a powerful tool for revenue cycle management, eClaims, and simply making billing easier. A few years ago, we also launched MacPractice Business Services to help our clients thrive by giving them access to the most experienced, dedicated billing and coding professionals we've trained as experts in the MacPractice platform. 

Along the way, our clients have found that the savings of outsourcing their medical or dental billing to our professional team often pays for the costs of hiring MacPractice Business Services. Better Billing with MacPractice Services can even save some practices in the long view. Every practice we work with saves when you consider the cost to hire a new employee is $4,129, not including benefits.


Why Finance Your Practice's Software


If you are a new general or specialty medical or dental practice just getting started, you know there are plenty of costs to getting launched. Even established practices are regularly using financing for some aspects of their business for good reasons. For example, it's difficult to predict the financial needs that can suddenly arise when operating any healthcare organization, let alone a small to mid-sized practice. Equipment can break, employees can quit, and unfortunately, the pandemic hit medical and dental establishments incredibly hard. 


Introducing Financing for MacPractice


MacPractice is proud to announce that our new financing program through North Star Leasing Company is now live. Practices interested in obtaining financing for their software may visit MacPractice.com and click "Apply for Financing" to apply for the program online.


Uncharted Territory? Try Professional Billing!


Many practices use third-party billing services to help them scale immediate trouble through treacherous billing waters. Unfortunately, even a temporary staffing shortage could create an Accounts Receivable setback for your practice. Short term services (usually less than six months) are perfect for assisting practices to overcome a temporary billing problem before it escalates to a crisis. With flexible plans and competitive pricing, many offices also consult MacPractice Business Services to prepare for staff medical leave, vacations, or even better billing management. 


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