Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you don't love your practice's software, it is time to consider a change. Many small to mid-sized medical and dental practices hold on to software that does not serve their needs or may even distract from patient care. Switching to a different software feels more daunting than sticking it out with a lousy product to many of these practices. They may also think that switching software must always mean enduring a potentially expensive and time-consuming transition to the new product. They may also feel that there's still a chance they won't even be much happier with the latest software. 

While these fears are not unusual, neither is switching software. Most practices will change the software product that they use to power their practice at some point. Adjusting to new products can indeed be daunting if your new software's creator doesn't support your transition well. At MacPractice, we make it a point to be partners in your practice's success from the transition and beyond. MacPractice has decades of experience prioritizing your practice's financial success and satisfaction with software specially made for practices in your specialty. 

When you switch to MacPractice, a team of experts stands behind you, and thousands of happy clients stand beside you. Every new practice that partners with MacPractice works with an expert implementation coordinator. These experts can help your practice find just the right MacPractice Abilities for your practice, like eStatements, eClaims, Digital Radiography, HL7 messaging, or Lab interfacing capabilities. You can design the perfect platform for your practice with the products and services behind MacPractice. 

You also won't lose your patient data in the switch. MacPractice can migrate data from almost all other software products out there, including PC and Mac software. The entire MacPractice team commits ourselrves to making the transition to MacPractice as smooth as possible with cost-effective and fast transitions. It's not just an automatic exchange of files, either. Our conversions team are experts in safeguarding the security, quality, and accuracy of your patient records.

All of us at MacPractice want you to enjoy using our software. Quality training is direct tied to your success with any software or EHR product. MacPractice offers a full range of training and learning options. Your switch to MacPractice also includes an extensive multimedia user guide with built-in help videos and free regularly-scheduled live webinar classes. 

Creating patient records in MacPractice is a highly customizable experience. Many practices that switch to MacPractice choose to use customized templates for their patient documentation. We offer products that allow you to build your templates or choose to have them created for you. 

At MacPractice, we work for you and your practice. We dedicate ourselves to delivering the best practice management and clinical software to our clients, backed by world-class support and a focused, proven plan for your switch to MacPractice.