Choosing Windows should get you fired? Ouch! Strong words from Network World, who argue that anything else is more secure than Windows. If you choose Windows for your own practice, you may find yourself wishing your Ransomware problems could be solved by firing yourself!

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“No operating system gets hit by ransomware attacks like Windows. If you want to keep your data safe, you need to migrate to something else,” says Bryan Lunduke of Network World. National attention to computer vulnerability reached fever pitch recently with the propagation of WannaCry Ransomware to 45,000 Windows users around the world. 

Simply put - ransomware kills practices. The attackers have yet to even supply their victims with the promised key to unlock their systems. When doctors’ offices and hospitals are infected by ransomware, viruses, or malware, they boot Windows only to find the ailment has spread exponentially throughout their networks, leaving doctors helpless and unable to schedule and treat patients. Last year, thousands of malware events were reported affecting millions of patients and eventually killing practices who find themselves inundated with HIPAA fines, locked data, and angry patients.

Using Windows and Windows-based software puts your practice at risk for a host of vulnerabilities. MacPractice is a native macOS practice management and clinical software designed to protect practices and patients. Because of the superior design and commitment to security, Apple products are not as vulnerable to PC viruses, malware, or ransomware that plague Windows users. Unlike other healthcare software, MacPractice has built encryption into its products for data at rest and in motion, and the MacPractice password is unique and encrypted as specified by the HIPAA. 

Beyond security, It is no secret that businesses love Mac products because employees prefer them. IBM claims that every Mac purchased actually saves the company money. They should know - IBM is the largest user of Macs, supporting more than 100,000 devices. The company sees $535 in savings per Mac over 4 years! Many companies like IBM, which supports 500,000 PCs and Macs, have proven for themselves that Macs are more secure and cost less. PCs require 5.4 times more onsite service, and PC users call for support eight times more. IBM also found that ”fewer support problems yields better quality support.” Even with less help desk staff for Macs, there is a higher rate of satisfaction for Mac users (91% for Mac vs 83% for PC) and only 5% of Mac callers ever require a tech to come to their desk versus 27% of PC users.

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