We will admit it - we are a little biased about the effectiveness of MPUC experience here at MacPractice. We cannot help it. We have seen our MacPractice User Conference series do some amazing things for our clients.

  • We have seen new clients jumpstart their office at MPUC, then hit the ground running with the lasting knowledge gained.
  • We have seen long time clients discover features with the enthusiastic realization that they can improve their work every single day from then on.
  • We have seen overwhelmed Practice Managers leave empowered.
  • We have seen Meaningful Use evolve from a monster (as one client put it) to deep workflow knowledge and real incentive payments.
  • We have seen offices inspired to become completely paperless, then gain the practical skills to achieve their goal.

These are experiences we have had with MPUC. If you have not attended MPUC before, you might recognize the value of the experience, but be more concerned about the cost. After all - even the most impressive experiences and insights cannot often be translated into concrete variables for return of investment calculations.

When deciding whether or not MPUC is right for your practice, we encourage you to consider these practical, definitive statistics, based on three members of your office attending the conference.

The MPUC Cost Benefits Analysis

Conference Discounts: How to get the best price

With our multiple attendee discount, you will save $200 on each registration beyond the first attendee. For further savings, register before 06/01/2015 to save $200 per attendee. Your total savings for registering 3 people before 06/01/2015 is $1000.

Cost of Training: The Training Connection to EHR Adoption

According to a 2012 National Center for Health Statistics survey, lack of adequate training is #4 among the top barriers to EHR adoption. In fact, the report estimates that 53% of healthcare organizations under-allocated time for training on their EHR system.

It is no secret that training directly with a MacPractice Corporate Trainer is one of the most efficient and valuable learning experiences available. An average in-office training can cost around $4,000 for a two day general training with one trainer. However, your office may have grown to include new staff, require a more optimized workflow, or need more specific, advanced knowledge since your first training. MPUC offers multiple trainers, concurrent sessions, and an undeniable value when it comes to efficient role-specific training. With MPUC, it costs just $2,297 for three attendees to learn collaborative skills that help your entire team increase productivity, drive revenue, and enhance safety and security.

Cost of a Vacation to NYC

Even just a standard room in Manhattan will range from $290 to $350 a night. We have secured a special rate with the hotel starting at just $249. If you take advantage of this deal, you will save between $50 - $100 per room, per night and stay right on world-famous Broadway Avenue. For our 3 day conference experience, that savings is $150 - $300 - enough to see a Broadway show right across the street.

Cost of Being a Paperless Office

The drive to become a paperless or filmless office has been a major motivator in past MPUC attendance. Our Paperless Workflow Tips session is often the first to fill up. It is not surprising when you consider that paper patient charts can cost between $2.00 - $5.00 to create. Even just creating new patient charts can add up to $200-$400 on an average month, and even more to store and maintain over a lifetime. The ROI of going paperless can vary widely based on individual practices and specialties. You might consider adding the monthly cost of paper (new patient charts, superbills/feeslips, medical history sheets, consent forms, and so on) along with the cost of physical space to store the records and staff cost of maintaining, locating, and searching through paper records.

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