Practices who hire MacPractice Billing Service are boosting billing to recoup more money with professional help, but they are also saving money by avoiding the need to hire and train a new biller as a staff member. 

According to Society of HR Management, the average cost for each new hire is $4,129 - not including benefits. Beyond the employee’s salary, costs include job advertising fees, background checks, Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment, equipment and workstation set up, continuing education fees, software licenses fees, and allowances for unpaid and paid time off (holidays, vacation, sick leave, short term medical leave.)

It will also cost you valuable time. Hiring a new employee is a big job! You’ll spend valuable time creating the job ad, interviewing applicants, following up with professional references, new hire orientation, billing training, software training, and more.

When you hire MacPractice Billing Services, you’ll avoid all of these costs while working with fully trained, experienced staff with expertise in coding and billing in a variety of specialties. You’ll also save the cost of continuing education fees, training, equipment, and user license fees for software. You also get an entire team for less than the cost of one new hire. A team of supervisors and managerial staff monitor your account and your practice is assigned a primary and secondary billing representative to handle your account with continued coverage, even if the primary rep is out of the office. 

Specific services include sending paper and electronic claims, following up with insurance denials, claim appeals, posting insurance and patient payments, rectifying any past A/R, and sending out statements. Our expert billers also have dedicated insight into working with ICD-10 coding and excellent knowledge of medical terminology required for posting. Billers are competent in HIPAA compliance and securing office data.

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