If you are a new general or specialty medical or dental practice just getting started, you know there are plenty of costs to getting launched. Even established practices are regularly using financing for some aspects of their business for good reasons. For example, it's difficult to predict the financial needs that can suddenly arise when operating any healthcare organization, let alone a small to mid-sized practice. Equipment can break, employees can quit, and unfortunately, the pandemic hit medical and dental establishments incredibly hard. 

At MacPractice, we have always strived to make the implementation process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We take care of our practices, and we are proud to be their partners in the best patient care possible. We understand the unique difficulties practice owners can face when it comes to simultaneously operating a business and taking care of their patients' health. 

If you are looking for some financial help in financing your current MacPractice installation or beginning a whole new journey with MacPractice, we want to help. MacPractice now has a financing program powered by North Star Leasing to provide you with the same excellent service you rely on with us. Here are some reasons why you might consider financing your MacPractice software.

Cash Flow

We are entering another stage of continued lack of general income predictability in a current recession. With so many sudden expenses, you might want to free up your existing capital or keep your funds liquid right now. Choosing to finance fixed expenses provides the kind of immediate flexibility that can make or break operating a business in the long term. 

You Can't Afford Free Software

Suppose your budget doesn't currently allow for investing in software or systems to run your business. In that case, you might be tempted to try a free healthcare software product or free practice management option. Look, you can't afford it! When it comes to privacy and security, you need encrypted, fully HIPAA compliant software. You also want software that improves the way you run your practice and bill for reimbursement. Your patients deserve better than free software that puts their most personal health information right next to advertisements. 

MacPractice Enhances your Practice

Purchasing MacPractice is a sound business investment. At MacPractice, we are partners in your practice's success with a high-level, world-class approach to putting our whole team behind your team. We are dedicated to delivering the best practice management and clinical software to our clients. We offer you a focused, proven implementation plan for your switch to MacPractice. Choosing to finance your move to MacPractice is a career-changing opportunity for your entire team. 

Keep Your Competitive Edge

For many discerning patients, obsolete technology in their healthcare provider's office can feel like a symbol of out-of-date practices and procedures. Consciously or not, neglected tech doesn't send the best message about the level of responsive care one can expect from a healthcare practice. Financing your technology allows your practice to maintain an edge over your competitors with systems that impress. 

Live on the Bleeding Edge

When your practice doesn't have to pay the full amount for a new piece of tech or your software, you can invest in the most modern technology without the hit to your savings. Imagine allowing every patient to fill out forms electronically. Imagine every clinician documenting encounters on their iPad. Imagine outfitting your exam rooms with sleek, modern Macs built with simplicity, dependability, and compatibility.