The MacPractice User Conference offers many benefits unique to each member of the office staff. Each of our conference sessions is packed with insights and tips for productivity, efficiency, and happier patients and staff! This year, healthcare practice billers are under more pressure than ever before with the upcoming ICD-10 transition in October. MacPractice has a full range of features and services designed to streamline the billing process, from eClaims to eStatements and beyond. If you want to learn how to increase billing productivity, join us at MPUC in NYC, July 9-11, 2015. 

ICD-9 to ICD-10 Transition (Code Mapping)

On October 1, 2015, practices that use ICD-9 will be required to submit their coding in ICD-10. Not only does MacPractice have ICD-10 capability, but we have also created a sophisticated Code Mapping feature to help you accurately translate the current ICD-9 codes used in patient diagnoses and charges. Accurate coding means faster insurance payments and minimizes lost revenue.

At MPUC, our MacPractice Code Mapping session discusses this new feature and the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. This session is recommended for any office required to use the ICD-10 coding system starting in October. Physicians, clinical staff, health care professionals, Medical Coders, Billers, and Patient Service Specialists will all benefit from learning MacPractice Code Mapping.

Billing Focus: Advanced Ledger, Claim and Statement Management

Our Billing Focus sessions are intensely concentrated on teaching the spectrum of MacPractice billing features. We will discuss every aspect of patient billing workflow, including organizing a patient ledger, keeping transactions manageable as your practice grows, and avoiding unnoticed outstanding claims and balances with sophisticated use of Claims and Statement Managers and Reports.

Financial Management

Our Financial Management session takes a big look picture look at better financial management with MacPractice, including advanced Ledger options, Insurance Estimating, and Collections Management. This session is perfect for billers, practice managers, and coordinators who want to streamline maximize efficiency and revenues.

Bring Your Team at Discount!

MPUC offers discounted registration prices for additional members of the same office. The conference includes sessions for a variety of staff, including doctors, schedulers, Meaningful Use directors, and even those new to using MacPractice.

Highlights include:
  • Meaningful Use guidance
  • Core MacPractice skills for new users
  • Advanced training for seasoned users
  • Clinical features for better patient care
  • Operations and Employee management
  • Paperless workflow tips
  • Streamlining patient services and intake

To learn more about the MacPractice User Conference series, check out our conference website at